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The Snowmaiden

A long long time ago there lived a man and a woman who were childless. They kept trying and trying daily ever since they were young, tried all sorts of medicine, kamasutra poses and advices but the woman just wouldn't get pregnant.

One day they decided that if they can't have a child then they'd make a girl out of snow, but their minds were so full of lust that they literally sculpted no less but a fertility goddess, so beautiful that the author would run out of ink while writing a book about her beauty... But the sight did only make them more sad:

"Goodness, look at those jugs, wife! If only they were a real thing, now," the man shook his head.

"I'd be so proud if only I had such a daughter for real..." added the woman who was a lesbian-turned-straight, but still always secretly admired young busty girls and would always cheat on her husband whenever she got the chance with sexy farmgirls.

After making themselves depressed with the cruelty of this cold world, they cried so hard that the whole forest around them cried along, and suddenly from so much sorrow a miracle happened. They looked at the Snowmaiden that they had sculpted and were amazed at what they saw as her long dark eyelashes slowly parted...

The snowy locks on her head began to grow thinner, forming many strands of white hair which enclosed her youthful face that in the meanwhile refined itself to the beauty level of a fairytale's princess. Her shoulders rounded and her torso narrowed to a pleasant lithe form. Huge breasts bounced and fell softly on her slender chest, wide areoli darkened around her large hard nipples. The huge ball of snow below her hips fell apart like an eggshell, releasing a pair of elegant legs and all the lovely details in between. Her full sensual lips parted, letting out a little cloud of her first breath. In her perfect nudity she stood up on her feet and looked around...

Many years passed and many things changed since the appearance of the Snowmaiden. Being a magical, fairy-like creature she wouldn't change in her age and appearance at all, whilst her old parents slowly aged and departed... She crossed the river of the dead to follow them as far as she could and entered the distant northern forest where trees are always covered in snow and lakes in ice.

At the very heart of this northern forest she built herself a palace using her magic. Every wild animal that entered this palace would turn into a human form: rabbits, foxes, cats and all other animals would lose their fur, turning into beautiful boys and girls to live and help the Snowmaiden around the palace which became the center of the new realm known as the Snow Queendom. Their fur would magically transform into pieces of clothing, and back into fur whenever they needed to leave the palace.

When the Snowmaiden herself needed to go somewhere, she used a big sledge carried by three white horses named December, January and February, who also lived in her palace as three very beautiful and muscled young anthropomorphs (bodies of men, heads and reproductive organs of horses), although December was older and more massive of them, while Jan and Feb were teens. All the three were her lovers as just one man was never enough to heat up her lusty-busty body, but three hung, horny stallions would handle her, as well as each other, just the way she liked it.

After all, she was the true daughter of her parents, more than a naturally born daughter would ever be... Her body was sculpted by their fish-smelling hands and her spirit was sewed of their fetishes and passions. Her father used to have his own stables as he always admired 'em horsies, as much as the muscled boys from the village whom he hired to take care of the gorgeous animals. From him the Snowmaiden got her tomboy personality and the taste for hot meat.

Her beloved mother, as already mentioned, was quite inclined toward barely legal teen farmgirls, although she was a lot more sophisticated in her desires than her husband. She had many closets full of skeletons. Being rich and owning at least three different estates across her motherland, she kept in their cellars some of the ungrateful girls whose bones were discovered only years after her death. Ribcages, skulls, hipbones and spines, pins and needles, swords and knives, everything was interacting in the most complicated ways in the morbid sculpturesque compositions found in these cellars... Like the winter's night, she was deceiving and cruel, merciless like the sharpest icicle, leaving chaotic but beautiful patterns of frost on the glass...

As the embodiment of the wintry forest, the Snowmaiden was the essence of both of her parents. Doing her best to maintain the beauty of the forest in the day, she was completely corrupt by her power at night, and the young foxes, cats and lynxes from her personal harem often ended up as parts of her beautiful—yet extremely cruel in nature—winter coats...

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