🐉 The Rubber Dragons

Once in a small town nestled within the majestic mountains of Tanmen, there lived a nobleboy named Yan Feng Gu. But he was not just another privileged young man who would dress fancy and had the wealth to order almost anything imaginable. Yan Feng was a remarkable figure, known far and wide as the Rubber Dragon, a representation of a highly unusual and ancient custom of contortion.

This unique tradition had been passed down through generations, from master to apprentice, producing some of the most skilled contortionists in the world. Yan Feng's masters were legends in their own right. They possessed an uncanny ability to bend and twist their bodies in ways that seemed impossible, their limbs contorting at odd angles and their spines bending like rubber. It was whispered that they could even make their skeletons disappear, leaving their bodies seemingly boneless and fluid.

But such feats were not just the stuff of legends. Yan Feng knew that he had to work hard every day to prove that this ancient tradition was not a myth. He dedicated himself to the ancient techniques with a fierce determination, stretching his limbs and twisting his body into strange and unnatural positions. It was grueling work, but Yan Feng was determined to master the art of his forebenders.

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As he grew older, Yan Feng's skills improved, and he made many people grow to believe that he was the reincarnation of one of the legendary masters of old.

Yan Feng never lost sight of his roots. He remained in the small town where he had grown up, where his ancient tradition once flourished. His mission was to gather a new generation of pupils and revive the Rubber Dragons to their former glory.

But Yan Feng's ambitions didn't stop there. He welcomed boys from all over the world, not just from other provinces of Tanmen. He wanted to create a diverse and inclusive community of young people who shared his passion for the art of contortion and for the specific "soft-boned" way of the Rubber Dragons.

Yan Feng's dedication to his craft and to his community was truly inspiring. He worked tirelessly to teach and mentor his students, and his love for the art of contortion was infectious. His classes were always filled with joy and energy, as he helped his students to hone their skills and to discover their own unique style.

As Yan Feng Gu's reputation grew, so did the popularity of the Rubber Dragons. They became a beloved and respected tradition once again, and Yan Feng was hailed as a visionary for his role in reviving them.

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Despite the worldwide acclaim he received, he never forgot the values and traditions of his hometown. As people from all over the world came to see him perform, they could easily pick him out of a crowd because of his unique style and his habit of always dressing in clothes that showcased his toned torso in an elegant way.

Whenever someone asked him about the design, he would smile and explain that it was a "reverse leotard". Growing up, Gu had always been drawn to the feeling of wearing tight black leotards, which he saw as a symbol of strength and agility. The leotard hugged his body like a second skin, allowing him to move with fluidity and grace.

For Gu, the pleasure of wearing leotards was not just about appearance, but also about the way it made him feel. He believed that everyone should experience the sensation of wearing a tight silken leotard. But when he wasn't performing, he wanted to wear something that was the complete opposite. Hence, the flamboyant and eye-catching designs of his everyday attire, which covered everything except his torso.

Despite being a bit unconventional, Yan Feng's fashion choices never failed to make a statement. He had an effortless sense of style that was both bold and unique. Whether he was wearing a brightly colored suit or a more subdued outfit, he always looked unforgettable.

Many of his students enjoyed this style and tried to emulate it, reworking their outfits in the style that their teacher favored. This style quickly became a hallmark of the Rubber Dragons, and it wasn't uncommon to see Yan Feng's pupils wearing these unique designs.

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Yan Feng Gu's dedication to his craft was matched only by his love for his community. He was a beloved figure in the village, known for his kindness and generosity. He often gave performances for free, or for a minimal fee, so that everyone in the village could enjoy his art and every child could learn about the ancient tradition, and perhaps get interested in practicing it.

And when he wasn't performing, he would spend time coaching young children in the village, passing on the knowledge and skills of the ancient tradition of contortion to the next generation, as well as the high sense of beauty that he represented.

Yan Feng's best student, Mark Li, was as remarkable as his teacher and inherited the name of the Rubber Dragon, becoming the next leader when Yan Feng Gu suddenly disappeared right before his 100th birthday.

Yan Feng Gu became a legend in his own right, known for his skill and dedication to the ancient tradition. And though he may not have been able to make his skeleton completely disappear, as the masters of old had done, he proved that their legacy lived on in him, and that he was a worthy representative of the Rubber Dragons.


If you've read any of Yan Feng Gu's stories before, you may already know the secret behind his sudden disappearance. As an exorcist in the old times, Gu obtained a very special curse – every time he reaches the age of 100, his body will suddenly revert to that of a teenager overnight.

The exact night is always uncertain, but it's always around his 100th birthday. This means that Yan Feng has to start his life from scratch each time, but thankfully, his knowledge and flexibility skills are not lost during the transformation, making him even more amazing century after century.

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