The Rubber Dragon

(Art by A.F.)

One of the earliest explorers of human flexibility, China wins one gymnastics competition after another. The shiniest Asian jewel at the moment is Mark Li, also known as the Rubber Dragon!

Mark started taking kung fu lessons as a young kid, his first motivation being to protect himself from school bullies. But after several years of practice his talent allowed him to advance to the Soft Bone Kung Fu school, famous for its intense stretching techniques.

As a teen, his talent made him appear on several Chinese TV shows. Seeing how many people are amazed by his flexibility, Mark eventually decided to give up on martial arts to become a contortionist and dedicate most of his time to stretching.

However, many years of kung fu practice always shine brightly through out all his performances.

This illustration was drawn and contributed by A.F. Used with the author's permission.

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