The Portal

This is another moment from the same story described here:

As the story goes, the boy was born as a prince at a distant star but due to a war ongoing there he was sent to Earth where he was adopted and raised by local farmers. His unique flexibility was discovered in the early childhood but during one of his extreme stretches, the ghosts of his real parents from the distant star suddenly appeared to him and taught him over several weeks what the flexibility should be actually used for.

The body can be bent in such a way that creates an energy flow and uses the energies of the universe invisible to a human eye. For example, this pose is used to create a new dimensional portal anywhere, it only requires a solid round surface like this old wooden table. Holding it for about a minute will make the portal stable.

By making the portal stronger, the young man can eventually return back to his home planet. Will he choose to return to his race of super flexible humanoids or will he remain on Earth as a person with unique abilities?

What do you think? 😄
This is some higher level Yogik or Tantrik positions. With the anti-gravity levitation and his glowing eyes, it's like he's attaining "moksha" (Indic salvation, stepping off the wheel of rebirth). Read more
If moksha was given for this pose, they'd all be doing it like crazy in India 🤣 Read more
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