🧑 The Persian Boy

Part 1. Alexander's Youth

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Macedonia, there lived a young man named Alexander, who would grow up to be known as Alexander the Great. As a child, he took a great liking towards gymnastics and often used to spend hours together with his childhood friend Hephaestion practicing it at the gymnasium. They both were so passionate about it that they decided to join other kids in their quest to become great contortionists. The more they practiced, the better they got. Alexander excelled particularly in splits while Hephaestion became proficient in backbends. The two friends trained relentlessly, day after day, their bodies becoming stronger and more limber with each passing year.

One fine day, when Alexander was turning 18, he had a grand celebration planned for him by his father, King Philip II. This was an event where many contortionists were invited to perform and showcase their talent, among them Alexander and Hephaestion, who were eager to display their skills. As the evening progressed, amidst the cheers and applause, Alexander caught wind of a rumor that circulated around the banquet hall. It was about a miraculous contortionist from Persia, a boy named Bagoas whose flexibility was nothing short of magical. According to the whispers, this boy was not only incredibly flexible but also the most beautiful and effeminate boy ever born.

Alexander's curiosity piqued, and he started asking around about Bagoas, but people just shook their heads and said that no one but King Darius III of Persia had ever seen his act. It was rumored that Darius was so greedy that he kept the boy all to himself for his personal entertainment. Not even kings were allowed to witness his incredible performance.

Hephaestion saw the glint in Alexander's eyes and knew that his friend would stop at nothing to see the Persian boy. "Why not challenge Darius to a contest?" he suggested. "Send out invitations for a big event where the prize will go to the most flexible gymnast from all the kingdoms. He'll probably have to bring out his treasured boy if he wants to defend his honor."

Alexander hugged his best friend tightly before turning to his father Philip and laying out his plan. The king, impressed by his son's determination, agreed to host the grand event, and soon enough, invitations were sent out far and wide across the kingdoms.

Part 2. The Curse of Perfection

Word spread quickly, and soon enough, the day of the great competition arrived. Gymnasts from all over the world gathered in Macedonia to showcase their skills and prove their mettle. Darius, who was also invited, brought along with him the mysterious Bagoas, hidden from sight behind a dark veil.

As the competition began, the contortionists performed breathtaking acts of flexibility, leaving the audience awestruck. But none could match the fluidity and grace of Hephaestion, who seemed to make the rules of nature bend for him as he folded his spine into shapes that were impossible to believe. Alexander watched his best friend perform, his heart swelling with pride, knowing full well how much Hephaestion was pushing himself right now to defend the honor of Macedonia.

But then, it was time for the final act – the one everyone had been waiting for. With dramatic flair, King Darius presented his prized possession – the enigmatic Bagoas. The audience gasped as the boy stepped forward, unveiling his ethereal beauty and an uncanny ability to contort his body in ways that no one had ever seen or dared before. His limbs moved in ways that defied logic, and his torso stretched like the softest Persian candies that could be twisted into the most intricate shapes. He held the crowd captive, entranced by his mesmerizing performance.

As the last applause died down, King Philip declared Bagoas the winner. A murmur of disbelief filled the hall, but the decision had been made. Hephaestion looked crushed, but Alexander remained unfazed. It was clear to him that Bagoas' victory wasn't due to skill alone; there was something magical about him that nobody could explain.

Alexander approached King Darius, offering his congratulations before requesting permission to speak with the young man. Surprised by the prince's politeness, Darius agreed, and soon enough, Bagoas found himself face-to-face with Alexander.

"I must admit," Alexander began, staring into those mesmerizing eyes, "Your flexibility is truly beyond anything I have ever seen. But tell me, what makes you so special? What is your secret?"

Bagoas blushed under the prince's gaze, unsure how to respond. He hesitated for a moment before saying softly, "I am no different from any other contortionist, my lord. All it takes is relentless practice and an unyielding desire to push one's body to its limits."

Alexander studied him carefully, realizing that Bagoas was hiding something deeper beneath his innocent demeanor. He felt drawn to this mysterious boy who seemed to possess beauty beyond human comprehension.

"You are right," Alexander admitted finally, "But there must be more than meets the eye. Tell me, do you not wish for freedom? To roam free without being locked up like some exotic animal on display for others' entertainment?"

Bagoas blinked back tears at the unexpected kindness from a foreigner, but he dared not dream of such a life. "I cannot say, my lord. My fate lies in the hands of King Darius."

"Be honest with me now," Alexander said firmly, staring deep into those captivating eyes. "Have you ever been harmed during your training?"

Bagoas swallowed hard, knowing that if he told the truth, it could cost him everything. But he couldn't bear lying to the first person who had shown him such compassion.

"Yes, my lord," he whispered hoarsely, dropping his head in shame. "Many times, I have been forced to endure pain beyond description just so I can bend myself into shapes that would make even the gods weep."

Alexander's heart ached for the boy, feeling anger rise within him as he imagined what horrors this beautiful boy must have endured just to entertain the greedy king! He knew then and there that he had to save Bagoas from this cruel existence – no matter what it took.

"Fear not, friend," he vowed, laying a gentle hand on Bagoas' shoulder. "I will find a way to set you free. And when that day comes, remember that you are not alone. You have friends who care deeply about your well-being, and we will stand by your side until the very end."

Bagoas looked up at him, hope blossoming in his chest as he realized that perhaps there was still some goodness left in this world after all. With a grateful smile, he nodded, accepting Alexander's offer of friendship and protection.

Part 3. A Storm on the Horizon

From that moment on, Alexander became determined to rescue Bagoas from his captivity and bring an end to King Darius's reign of terror. Together with Hephaestion, they hatched a plan to overthrow the oppressive ruler and restore peace to the land.

As days turned into weeks, their plot grew more elaborate, involving flexible spies, secret body messages, and coded communication between allies. Slowly but surely, they began rallying support among other prisoners and nobles alike, all united under one common goal: liberation.

The tension in the palace grew thick as whispers of rebellion spread like wildfire throughout the halls. Even those closest to King Darius started questioning his authority, wondering if perhaps he had grown too arrogant and blinded by power to see the truth staring him right in the face.

Finally, the day arrived for Alexander and his forces to strike. With precision and skill, they launched their attack, catching the Persian army off guard and sending them scrambling for cover. Meanwhile, Hephaestion led a daring raid on the palace itself, seeking out Bagoas and securing his safety before moving on to confront King Darius directly.

Inside the throne room, chaos reigned supreme as loyalists clashed with rebels in a fierce battle for control. Swords flashed, and blood spattered across marble floors as both sides fought valiantly to protect their cause.

Amidst the carnage, Hephaestion found himself cornered by a group of elite guards who sought to eliminate him once and for all. But just when it seemed like hope was lost, Bagoas appeared, using his extraordinary flexibility to slip past enemy lines and reach his ally's side.

Together, they held off the attackers long enough for Alexander to burst into the chamber, leading a small band of trusted warriors against the remaining foe. With each swing of their swords, more enemies fell until at last, only King Darius remained standing – alone, defeated, and utterly humiliated.

The tyrant king glared at Alexander, knowing that his time had come. "You think you have won?" he snarled through gritted teeth. "I will rise again, stronger than ever before!"

"No," Alexander replied calmly, raising his sword high above his head. "Your reign of terror ends here."

And with those words, he plunged the blade deep into Darius' heart, ending his life and liberating an entire nation from oppression.

Part 4. The Twist of Fate

In the aftermath of victory, cheers erupted throughout the palace as people celebrated the newfound freedom that had been restored to them. Bagoas looked around in wonder, hardly believing that he was finally free from his tormentor.

Hephaestion approached him, offering a handshake and congratulations on surviving such harrowing ordeals. "Well done, my friend," he said warmly. "We could not have done this without you."

Bagoas smiled shyly, feeling overwhelmed by the sudden outpouring of support and camaraderie among these brave warriors who had risked everything to save him. He glanced over at Alexander, still lost in thought as he surveyed the scene before him. For once, it seemed like there might be some semblance of happiness within reach – perhaps even love.

The festivities continued long past sunset as people celebrated deep into the night. Bagoas now had the freedom to demonstrate his incredible talents to anyone he desired, bending his body in such amazing ways that Alexander couldn't help but rise from his seat in admiration during one particularly astounding feat.

He approached Bagoas, who held still, body twisted like a pliable piece of soft Persian candy. Unable to contain himself any longer, he kissed Bagoas deeply, while firmly gripping his supple hips, supporting the Persian boy in what appeared to be a complete 360-degree twist. They shared a long, passionate kiss that spoke volumes about their newfound connection.

The two young men stood close together, wrapped up in each other's arms as they reveled in the warmth and safety of friendship turned romance. In that moment, it felt like anything was possible – even happiness amidst chaos.

And so, with hope renewed and hearts full of love, they began the journey towards building a new world – one kingdom at a time.

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One of the oldest and most famous homosexual couples. I remember you drawing them before. I really liked the drawing where they... well... played a little roleplaying game where Bagoas was Bucephalus, Alexander's favorite horse. Unfortunately, I can't find it on the site, but I always hoped that you would finish this drawing someday. I know you never do anything on request, so I'll just wait and hope.

Thanks, Yuni!

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All I can think now is that I would wish so much to be on Alexander place... and kiss those soft sweet lips while holding perfect waist... tracing contorted flesh with my fingers. And well - be so attractive and brave as Alexander to induce real desire in contortion boy.
There would be lot and lot of moaning for WHOLE night... and then another day... and another night... and... .
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