Melting Glaciers v2

There is village of shamans in the far north where snow is everywhere. In the village there is a wooden house with a sauna. First the shamans prepare the sauna. By the time it's very hot, the trainees enter the house, about 3 or 4 youths, they take off all clothes and just sit in the sauna for a while, having a silly chat and all. Once they start sweating a lot, they begin to work out and the elder shamans stretch them for about an hour or so, until the bodies are as loose as possible. It's never a bad idea to take in some alcohol for bravery and to loosen the body more, so the preparation is also a little bit of a party, but northern people always love to turn everything into a party. And of course some very good party tricks are demonstrated here, too.

After an hour or more, the youths are all limber, they're laughing and blushing a lot because of the alcohol and seeing each other's naked bodies in so many stretchy positions. Now it's about time to lead them outside the sauna to the cold white street. The elders take one of the trainees who seems to be "ready", to the street, wearing just a small loincloth. The trainee's skin is very smooth and reddish after the sauna, the hair is wet, the body is all warm, beautifully slender and flexible, well prepared for the wildest contortion fantasies. He strikes his best position and relaxes. It's important to capture the best moment of it, so a shaman quickly splashes a huge bucket of water all over the trainee and another shaman immediately casts a freezing spell.

Within a few seconds they get an ideal ice sculpture. Then goes the second trainee, and so on. With an artistic approach they build a variety of complex postures, even the postures where no body part is left unstretched, so to speak. Sometimes it works together with a telekinesis spell to avoid getting frozen along with the trainee while stretching him, as well as to build some of the most aesthetic sculpture compositions that would make people guess how it was even possible to achieve that position...

After all the "sculptures" are complete, the shamans leave them for exhibition and the sculptures stay there for a few days, admired by the villagers. Then the shamans take them carefully back to the sauna house where they melt and the youths are given cups of hot tea and then some nice massage. They discuss how good were their "sculptures" and how much people enjoyed them. Then they spend more time in the sauna to see just how flexible they got after staying stretched for several days like that. Finally, they have a nice dinner and go to sleep.

Sometimes, when lucky enough, the trainees could get a painting or two of what their "sculptures" looked like, done by a professional painter. The shamans sometimes hire a good painter when one of the sculptures "turned out" to look particularly interesting. Of course any of the trainees would be overjoyed to get a painting like that, so they can hang it on the wall in their house or consider to sell it to the small local museum for everybody to enjoy. Sometimes they could even hire actual sculptors to immortalize the ice sculpture in marble. But of course the beauty of the actual ice sculptures is valued above everything else and the trainees can be very creative with their flexibility and self-expression.