🌝 The Midnight Show

The stars may shine like diamonds in the night,
But when the moon is full, its light takes over.
Its glow illuminates even the darkest sights,
Guiding us through shadows like a lover.

It pulls at tides, controls our feelings too,
Making us dance in wild, unruly ways.
We bend and twist, performing for the view,
Our hearts and souls caught up in lunar craze.

This bright round orb has power to bewitch,
To make us pause, reflect upon our lives.
Its silver touch reveals each secret switch,
Unveiling truths we'd hidden deep inside.

On a warm summer night on the island, Leslie prepared to sleep on the roof of his house as he usually did. He spread out a comfortable star-speckled blanket and placed it over a thick, multilayered orthopedic mattress, ensuring that he would have a cozy night's sleep no matter how he happened to bend his flexible body during rest.

It was late, almost midnight, but the night felt unusually bright because the Moon was so big and round high up in the sky. Its light shone down on the roof like a spotlight on a stage. That's when it hit Leslie that this would be an excellent time to practice some more contortions to end the day.

He pulled off his short tropical skirt, leaving only a small bikini thong hugging his well-tanned, firm buttocks and cupping his intimate parts in a snug pouch. The silvery satin fabric seemed to invite touch, standing out starkly against the darkness of the night around him. Climbing onto his bed, he couldn't help but admire the scene in front of him: the vast, starry sky with the luminous Moon casting a soft glow over everything below it.

His arms lifted smoothly, stretching upwards in an elegant arc. His legs spread wide, with his toes wiggling in excitement. His torso curved back in a manner most wouldn't believe could be done, folding his body almost like a human cushion.

Slowly, he began moving into the initial position for the Chandra Namaskar yoga set. His head tilted back and his whole body kept arching with incredible snake-like suppleness, until his flat palms pressed firmly onto the bed. The moonlight highlighted his bare skin, forming a beautiful crescent shape between his chest and hips as his ribcage stretched out, showcasing each individual rib.

Time seemed to move at a snail's pace, as Leslie lifted his chin and began walking his hands slowly, gradually going deeper between his legs. His body bent into a full circle, with the back of his head pressing against his own buttocks. He raised his eyes to catch a glimpse of the glistening silver pouch dangling just above his head.

He felt invincible. The power of the Moon was coursing through his veins, making every cell vibrate with joy and energy. It was as if Chandra, the Moon God himself, had taken residence within this body, guiding its movements along with the rhythm of his breath. With his eyes closed, he surrendered completely to this force inside him, letting it control his body as it willed.

The sensation that washed over him next was indescribable. His entire body quivered with pleasure, from the tips of his fingers down to the soles of his feet. His thong felt much tighter than before – almost painfully so!

He froze completely in the moonlight, holding that incredible position for what felt like eternity. His heart pounded wildly against his ribcage. And yet there was no pain, only pure ecstasy. Eventually, after 30 minutes or so, Leslie began to break a sweat and lowered himself onto the blanket into a tight triplefold with his elbows resting in front of his knees.

Once comfortable, he closed his eyes and prepared to drift off into other, even more fantastical worlds in his dreams, where even more amazing contortions awaited him.

A gust of wind swept across the rooftop, sending chills up and down his spine, causing goosebumps all over his bare skin. His nipples stiffened against the chilly breeze, but Leslie only let out a light snore in response. He was fast asleep now, still tucked into one of his favorite sleeping positions.

As the wind died down, the island fell silent once more. The stars twinkled brightly overhead, casting their radiant glow over everything below them. The Moon continued to shine on, bathing the world in its silvery luminescence until dawn broke over the horizon.

The stars may shine like diamonds in the night,
But Leslie's eyes are shining brighter still.
For every time the moon is full and bright,
He has a chance to show his skill!

It pulls at tides, controls his feelings too,
Bends him this way and that with ease.
He twists and turns around it, through and through,
Then bends back low, his head between the knees.

This bright round orb has power to bewitch,
Its beauty makes us all feel young.
The silver pouch reveals a secret switch,
And fills our hearts with joy and fun.

What do you think? 😄
A very warm and poetic story.. The blanket really does look like it reflects the starry sky. Or maybe it is actually part of the starry sky, taking the form of a comfortable blanket to help the young man in his exercises.

And I was really curious about what position Leslie prefers to sleep in. I hope someday you will show us Leslie sleeping in his favorite position on his favorite starry blanket under the vast starry sky.

Thank you.

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Stunning pose , love ❤️ the Full Moon ! Read more
Beautiful as always ^_^ Read more
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Iam so very happy you made this more oldschool image. I just love the "feeling" of it... I mean the moon and blanked and moon reflections and everything is so atmospheric. I always loved your more simple but detailed and "felt" pieces. And this is one of them.
And story ah well god himself is happy to watch those curves :) so what more to say than that it "fits".
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