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The Leslie Within

KukkiisArt told me about this dream to have a Leslie DLC for The Evil Within game, where you can play as Leslie Withers instead of Sebastian and walk through the game from his point of view. So you basically have no weapons and it's a lot more like a horror game where you mostly have to rely on hiding tactics.

So after a week this fanart was born that shows potentially the best hideout in the whole game :D

I mean if you know what the Boxman is, he's basically the projection of Ruvik's actual safebox into the dreamworld, so the safebox basically got the body and the hammer, so we get the Boxman character... But we never get to see what's actually hidden inside the Boxman's head. It must be Ruvik's most precious treasure if he wanted to protect it so well... And what, or rather, who is Ruvik's most precious treasure?? *^.^*

So yeah... had to do this :D

Thank you so much for watching & reading, hope you enjoyed!! <3

All textures from CGtextures
Background from within the Game
Idea and art by Yuni

Here is also the Sketch of this picture if you want to see! ^.^ <3

#enterology #fanart #monster #muscles
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