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The Hearts of Four

Martin was sitting in the lap of his uncle Brian, while Mary was watching them kissing, taking little sips of wine from her glass, smiling delightfully like she was the one who ordered the show of two guys making out.

"TADA!!" Erika suddenly ran into the huge living room of the mansion with a broad smile on her face and a large roll of paper in her hands, pointing it at the ceiling like a sword.

"Oh, already? So fast!" Brian made everyone a favor of being the first one to come up with a reaction, as Martin still had a trace of saliva on his lips and was spacing out, while Mary was struggling to stop chuckling at the awkward way the hot scene was interrupted.

"Wow, Erika..." Martin's blurry eyes came back into focus. "You're so quick with Photoshop..."

"It wasn't much work!" Erika grinned. "It was so perfect as it was, I only gave it a heart-shaped cut, and here it is!" she unrolled the paper to demonstrate the picture. The scroll kept trying to roll back in all kinds of ways, preventing everybody from seeing the picture.

"Erika, you cursed it!!" Mary kept struggling with her laughter. "Anything you touch will never be straight again!"

"Just put it on the table," Brian gently put Martin on the sofa next to him and stood up in the full glory of his formal suit, then headed to bring a few books from the shelf. Erika put the paper on the table and Brian fixed its edges with the books, so the picture could finally be seen. "Here we go!"

"Geez, uncle, you stole the whole focus with that curve," Martin also came around the table to look at the picture.

"Oh, that's nonsense," the owner of the mansion responded softly, studying the naughty image with much curiosity. "I just look like a mere gentleman holding the three of you like beautiful flowers."

Mary gracefully approached the table in her evening gown, with the glass of wine in her hands. "Mmm, I'm kind of proud all my piercings could be seen at once in this one," as she bent over the table to look better, her silver Aum pendant fell out into the low frontal cut of her dress and her bare breasts almost followed it out. Her nipple piercing reflected in Brian's eye, lit by the numerous artificial candles of the lustre.

"Maybe you would be even more proud to know that many of your piercings can be seen from where I'm standing," Brian murmured, feeling happy like a boy to steal the lucky sight of her breast visible through the cut of her dress, even though right in front of him the picture displayed Mary pretty much completely nude.

"Mine!!" Erika suddenly hugged Mary from behind, passed the hands into the holes of her gown and held Mary's bare breasts in her hands, pressing herself tight against the woman's almost fully exposed back.

"Oh dear, wait, let me look at your work!" Mary giggled, trying to focus on the picture. "And please let my future husband stare at my breasts all he wants," she winked at Brian who winked back with a smile, which made Mary giggle again to have such a well dressed nobleman wink at her. She was apparently in a funny mood.

"Argh! I'll go molest MY future husband then!" Erika intentionally awkwardly pulled her hands out of Mary's dress, so one of the gown's shoulders fell off, fully exposing one of Mary's breasts. Just as Erika anticipated, the woman made absolutely no attempt to fix that and only took another little sip of wine, trying to stop giggling to swallow it.

"The picture's really beautiful, Erika!" Martin initiated the talk as she approached his side of the table.

"Thank you so much, Martin!" Erika stared at her own work along with him.

"I love the heart shape," he continued. "I had no idea you had this in mind when you asked for my middle finger."

"Yup!" Erika nodded. "But it was Mary's idea to make a picture with all the four of us naked, and you helped setting up the camera, and it was Brian's camera, so each of us can has some credits!"

"I can't stop staring at your breasts, honestly..." Martin said in the tone of a child who desperately wants to say something a smart and experienced adult would say. "If you weren't my girlfriend, you'd be my favorite model for sure. And then I'd learn to be a photographer and hire you for a lot of money just to stare at this beauty!"

"That means a lot to my boobies. Wait, I think they want to thank you by themselves!" Erika pulled off her only t-shirt and remained only in her jean shorts that she never bothered to zip properly and that were cut pretty much to the halves of her butt cheeks. She pressed her naked chest against Martin's back, hugging him tight and nibbling on his neck right next to his collar, a light pink ribbon of silk. He could perfectly feel the arousing pressure of her young firm breasts through his soft pink lingerie of lace and silk wrapped around his torso. Erika's hands caressed his barely covered hips, moving her fingertips next to his light pink garters and shiny thigh-highs of a creamy tone.

"Too bad I don't look girly enough in the nude," Martin moved his finger across his torso on the glossy surface of the picture. "A leotard might have helped to fix that..."

"Well, it would be funny if we all were naked and you were in a leotard," Erika chuckled. "Maybe let's make another one with all of us in leotards? You love them, I love them, Mary loves them, Brian..."

"I pass," Brian interrupted for a second the process of kissing Mary's shoulder while caressing the bare side of her torso. With a light touch his hand made the other side of her top fall and he loosened her belt, letting the whole dress collapse on the floor. He went on to kiss her neck as Mary closed her eyes, parted her lips and lifted her chin in delight. For a moment there in his aristocratic suit Brian totally looked like an overly healthy vampire lord biting his not-so-virgin-looking victim. But not for long as Mary turned around and went down against Brian's pants, nuzzled the black silky cloth covering his crotch and started pulling the zipper with her teeth.

"Still I wish I looked just a bit more feminine in the nude too," Martin spoke after enjoying the sights of Mary's alluring figure.

"You just said you love my boobs here while I myself had always dreamed of having a flat chest..." Erika whispered into Martin's ear through his gorgeous blond mane. "But since you always loved them so much, so I grew to love them too... So let me maybe tell you... I love your girly parts but I enjoy your manly parts just as much... Should I show you how much?" Erika's fingers traced the skin of Martin's lower belly, getting closer and closer to making the hint clear.

Brian took Mary's hand and led her gently to the sofa, pushing some button on the wall on his way. The whole lighting in the living room dramatically changed. The candle-like lamps faded to much darker and warmer tones, the artificial fireplace lit up and began casting softly jumping shadows on the walls. Brian sat down on the sofa and Mary kneeled in front of him, passing her fingers beyond the open zipper in anticipation. Martin pulled Erika down to the soft thick carpet on the floor, dragged off her only shorts and lay in between of her willingly spread thighs...

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