The Fairy

(Art by A.F.)

This illustration was drawn and contributed by A.F. Used with the author's permission.

A.F.'s comment:

So, this is a minor idea, just playing with some concepts about fairies. At the beginning the concept was more "insectoid" but as some other concepts were already using those traits (the Celestials), the natural option was to change it in order to have something different to play with.

The "final" result, still as a game of ideas, however kept many of the insect-like stuff, for example, the antennas (well, the previous "final" sketch has another approach to these, but I changed in this revision :/).

Another insect trait is the feet. As primarily flying creatures, fairies have no need to walk, so, they have no feet or similar structures to "support" their weight (which is minimal, even to their size, which is approximately between 15 cm height, same to gnomes... man! how do I know that?) , instead of this, their legs ended in two graceful tip points.

Also, in this concept, fairies has no wings, instead of those, their bodies (which are luminescent when they are flying) emit light and glow primarily from their backs, and the movement gives the impression there are things behind them. How do they fly without wings?... magic (they are magical/fictional creatures, so c'mon, they can fly without reason XP)

Their bodies are extremely soft and flexible, so, they can hide in very small cracks, and they are so fast than humans almost never notice them, and when they do they just think it was some optic illusion, fireflies or something like that. Which is advantageous for fairies, because they love human stuff, like alcohol, food, cigarettes (yes some of them smoke) and other stuff, so, even if they are cautious enough as to avoid humans directly, they trend to be near human environments, looking for stuff to "take borrowed" (they have no concept of property and therefore they don't conceive the human notion of stealing)... besides, they are quite strong for their size, so, it is easy to them to take a cookie or two very quick without leaving a track of their presence :)... but they are a bunch of f***ing thieves if you ask me... It's a funny concept based on how some animals, like foxes, raccoons and even coyotes, are more prolific in urban areas than in forests, having a higher population in cities than in wild even if most people don't notice it...

Now, as magical being, they have other "physiology", is we could use the term, so, they have no sexual dimorphism and in human terms they would be considered as androgynous. Now, how do they reproduce themselves? well, the answer is; magic! (again)... but as highly social creatures, they usually live in "nests" with dozens of individuals living and "working" together, using their antennas, bioluminescence and facial gestures for communication as they have no vocal cords. However, they also emit sounds similar to electric current to comunĂ­cate...

So, there it is, a "fairy", a graceful creature stealing your stuff and seeing your tv when you're out...

What do you think? đŸ˜„
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