The Concrete Beach 🗿

Helmut's biggest inspiration, "Der Betonstrand", once a dump of rejected pieces of art from the German monumentalism era, that were too extreme to make it into final monuments, now it's a nice tourist park where people can enjoy some crude but nevertheless inspiring concrete youths.

His main favorite is of course the infamous "Der Unzerbrechliche Junge", the Unbreakable Boy, whose pose only a few contortionists could repeat: keeping the arm, err, I mean spine completely straight while folding the line just above the hips at the sharpest possible angle.

Helmut put a lot of muscle training in his upper back and enormous amount of stretching in his lower vertebrae to be able to accomplish this, as he likes to call it, "The Straightbackbend".

he should have a rock hard one right about now :P Haha, yeah, so hard one could do a Marinelli bend on it... Wait! That's an idea! 🤣
This pose looks very sharp and lightning fast. I imagine his movements like this, too. Snapping from one pose to another so quick, that it appears like teleporting bodyparts. A mixture of robot dance and Matrix dodging.
Haha, yeah, now I can imagine him dancing to Kraftwerk's Robots, bending the body like he has mechanical joints 🤣
Wow, can his peanut bend vertically too? Almost... 🥜
I like the color of his tan skin and how it goes with his golden hair. It's so lovely! Thank you so much! 😊
I have nothing clever to say to this one beside I love your work with concrete stone it certainly is unique! And wouldn't mind another use of it sometime in future. Everything can't be all polished and shiny.
And Helmut's pose is almost unreal yet I guess it could work with unreal spine :-)
Thank you so much, I'm very glad you enjoyed this concrete as well as Helmut's pose 😊
💌 What do you think?

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