The Bubblegum Effect


I would like to specially thank my old friend Sculpey Clay without whom this pose would have been impossible for me to draw. I would also like to thank my good friend Filter-GX who gave me the idea of this impossible pose in the first place.

Anna is the daughter of the spaceship captain Jade Starfall. Her father specializes in expeditory space travels and always takes his daughter along to distant planets where Anna can study the local bendies and waspies for her school projects. They live in an independant space station far away from the now uninhabited Earth, the original homeland of the human race.

At school Anna's favorite subjects are flexibiology and contortionistics. She loves to invent new bodily positions with the help of Andy, her personal android specially designed for training contortionists. Andy was a gift from her dad on Anna's 11th birthday and has become her dearest companion since then because androids quickly learn to reflect their owner's mindset and mood like even the bestest friests can't do. Of course it's boring and predictable, but also calming and relieving.

Anna particularly loves experimenting in the field of rotary dorsal flexion, which in simple terms means twisting and bending the lower back backwards at the same time. This led to her discovery of what she called the "bubblegum effect": at a certain angle it's possible to turn the spine in such a way that the torso turns the full 180 degrees with a subsequent backbend and passing the chest between the thighs, then locking the legs under the armpits.

She is ever energetic and loves challenges and inventing new things. When she grows up she wants to become a flexibiologist and study the motion range of the spine and limbs in various species, above all in humanoids. Her dream is to discover how to take human flexibility to a new level for the next generations to come; and also to pass all her knowledge to her future child in hope that her child would one day surpass herself.

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