🥳 The Bendy Prince

In a realm far, far away,
There lived a prince, young and gay,
His name was Albent, son of the king,
Whose jesters made him feel like singing.

They performed acrobatic feats,
And told jokes to make the king and queen laugh,
William and Emily were truly a sight,
Their contortions, a true work of art, a delight.

The two jesters, a brother and a sister,
From a peasant family, but couldn't resist it.
As children, they trained in secret,
But their talents proved too good to keep it.

Albent saw them, and was dazed,
By their art of contortion, their bodies amazed.
So fascinated by their art,
Albent wanted to join in his heart.

So if you're feeling blue,
Just remember Albent and his crew,
For their laughter and joy will never fade,
In this kingdom, far, far away.

🥳 🥳 🥳

William and Emily's skills quickly became known throughout the kingdom, transforming them from humble peasant kids to captivating and refined teenagers. With support from fellow circus performers in their city, they became unforgettable figures with remarkable contortionist abilities and an exceptional sense of humor.

Their popularity in the city led to their appointment as the royal jesters of the court, where they were adored by the king and queen for their extraordinary talents and their quick wit.

When Albent was watching their performance for the first time, he noticed how incredibly flexible they were and how they could bend their bodies into all sorts of strange but fascinating shapes. The prince was mesmerized by the contortions, and he couldn't take his eyes off of them.

After the show, Albent approached William and Emily, inquiring if they could teach him to contort his body in such a captivating manner. The jesters giggled and joked at first, trying to convey that certain things cannot be acquired through wealth or influence, such as love or skills.

However, they soon noticed a genuine passion in the prince's request, as he had already demonstrated proficiency in ballet dancing and was renowned for his diligent training. When he effortlessly lifted his leg into a standing split position, the jesters knew that he was serious about learning the art of contortion, so they began training the young prince.

🥳 🥳 🥳

Each morning, the prince would dedicate several hours to training with William and Emily. Their sessions were filled with friendly competition, as they pushed each other to perform increasingly impressive feats of flexibility, and they would always end their sessions with a good laugh and a sense of accomplishment.

One of the most remarkable feats that the prince mastered was the deep backbend, which he found to be the most exhilarating aspect of his training. It was a remarkable feat, and the two jesters were overjoyed to witness their student's progression.

They encouraged him to continue pushing himself to new heights, as they believed that bending in half backwards was just the beginning of his potential. The training sessions became a highlight of the prince's day, and he looked forward to each morning's challenge with eagerness and determination.

🥳 🥳 🥳

The prince's backbending was particularly impressive, and he could perform the feat with such ease that it seemed almost effortless. In fact, Albent became so supple that he was capable of performing feats that most people would deem impossible. He could bend his spine in ways that seemed challenging even for seasoned circus performers.

The prince became known throughout the kingdom for his incredible backbending, among other things. His parents, the king and the queen, were delighted to see that their son was beloved by the people and was shaping up to be an exceptional ruler one day, especially since he always made time for his other important studies.

Albent collaborated with the jesters in all of the court shows, making his parents proud to see the incredible things he had learned to do. However, the young prince always remembered that his abilities were a gift, and he used them to bring joy and entertainment to others, rather than to boast about his prowess. He remained deeply grateful to Emily and William for helping him attain his goals, and he maintained a close bond with the two jesters ever since.

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Oh what lovely twins! No wonder that William and Emily became the favorites of Prince Albent, such beautiful twins would be an adornment of any royal court!😍 Read more
I'm so glad you liked them!! :D In his first pic I just mentioned "jesters" then actually tried to come up with their names and now we have their appearances too :D Next we have to see their actual performance I guess! Read more
Oh those pretty eyes. Read more
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What magic are you using? I never believed AI painting can be such a useful tool, and you just managed with it so quickly! Read more
As someone well said, it's mixed tools, I'm combining 3D, AI and digital painting. I'm still experimenting but so glad it's now possible to try making some contortion art that was previously impossible.. or would take commissioning some famous artist who probably knows how to paint perfect faces but has no idea about flexible poses... So glad I was fortunate to live to 2023 after all, so can try out all these things :D Read more
When I saw the other picture of Albent I almost wanted to say "Oh my god I would love to see a picture of the three of them and watch as the jesters train him!" but then I thought that such a picture would probably be an incredible amount of work.... But here you are posting it just a couple of days later just like i secretly envisioned!! It's exactly as wonderful as I imagined. Read more
Both pictures were started on April 6 and finished around May 1, so I could post them on the same day, just thought it would make the stories unreadable with so much text posted on the same day...

I'm so happy you liked the actual picture of his training, it was too tempting indeed to see the prince's backbend, but then I thought his backbend must be something as breathtaking as his other pose. It's indeed a huge amount of work to include even two characters who interact, let alone three, but in this case it was bearable, in fact it was quite enjoyable :D Read more
This is truly beautiful! ❤️
I hope to see these pretty jesters stretch too! Read more
Thank you so much!! I hope so too! If I can make some good picture of their performance, that would be great! :3 Read more
Amazing story Yuni! The stories are underestimated for how much context and experience they provide for the image. Being able to create such amazing fantasies into reality is one but adding such stories is one of a kind. I hope you have many more sensations like these coming in the future! I will be looking forward to those :) Read more
Wow, thank you for reading the story!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it, it just makes me very happy to explore the characters more through writing, it's like a little personal challenge to finish a seemingly random picture and then try my best to make a story around it. It's like a reverse illustration... XD
I hope there will be more enjoyable stories as the pictures keep coming! :3 Read more
Me encanta... gran asistencia de contorsion... se siente muy natural , encanta el detalle del muslo en el esternon, son pequeños grandes detalles.
I love it... great assisted contortion... feels very natural, love the muscle detail on the sternum, great little details. Read more
Muchas gracias!! Me alegra mucho que hayas disfrutado de los detalles! La contorsión asistida es rara, pero siempre es divertida... Ojalá pudiera hacerlo más a menudo.
Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the details! Assisted contortion is rare, but always fun... I wish I could do it more often. Read more
Lovely 😍 Read more
Thanks! 😊 Read more
I admire their costumes. Read more
I'm very glad you liked them 😊 Read more
So beautiful! Read more
Thank you! 😊 Read more
Great job! I especially liked the one in red on the left. Read more
Thank you so much!! It's kinda fun to see the long spine fully curved and fully straightened in the same pic :D Read more
Cuteness overload X-) I did read story but dont know what to add it is quite neat as it is!
Not only kings need royal jesters... we all need this pair in our lives. Well maybe not each day but once a year that be some special morning with them.... ah....
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The assisted stretching is coming back. At last)) I really like this kind of work. Maybe next time it was another exercise because bends becomes sooo much....popular. Read more
Unbelievable, this art is as amazing as the fantastical oil paintings of the Renaissance Read more
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