The Bend of the Fold 🏁

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Thanks to Yasha for his neverending bending! 😉

Increlible , me recuerda al dibujo de las paralelas de gimnasia artistica...
Incredible, it reminds me of the drawing of the parallel bars in artistic gymnastics...
Muchas gracias!! Te refieres a este? Sí, se ve muy similar! 😄
Thanks a lot!! Do you mean this one? Yes, it looks very similar!
awesome picture Thank you so much! 😊
So aweswome !!! Very glad you enjoyed! 😉
Yuni, I'm experiencing an issue with the new site. I cannot change the default "Safe" setting to either "Nude" or "XXX" from the main page. Instead, I have to go to the comment section ( and change it in order to get the age-check prompt. If I do it from the main page, I am redirected to my browser's (I'm using Brave, based on Chromium) about:blank page. More specifically, I am redirected to "about:blank#block". I don't know if this is an issue only affecting me or not. It was an issue caused by moving the new version of the site from /new/ to /, which by mistake created some URLs with double // in them. Thanks a lot for reporting, it's fixed now! 😊
Where can I buy tickets? Make those VIP tickets Just wait for 2201, only 180 years to go 😅
imaginate dormir en esa posicion
imagine sleeping in that position
Me recuerda a otra imagen: Backfolde Sanatorio, parece que acaba de despertar de su sueño y hace un estiramiento matutino. Y en esta imagen podemos ver su ejercicio matutino en las barras, jeje! 😆
Reminds me of another picture: Backfolde Sanitarium, looks like he just woke up from his sleep and doing a morning stretch. And in this picture we can see his morning exercise on the bars, hehe!
Like the new site, and this will be a fitting entrance to it ;) Thank you so much! Yes, can't wait! 🥤😎🍿
You should put a place on your site where you show or notify the new art that you are adding But you can already see all the new art on the main page 😄
I wish this kind of stuff was common and easy, but then there would be no value in it In the 2201 universe a lot of flexible skills are common and easy to get with meds/mods, but there are still skills that take years to learn and that every few people can do. So I guess whenever something becomes common and easy, it only opens doors to more incredible stuff 😜
Need a history for this one!! What kind of history? 😅
💌 What do you think?

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