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Teddy Bear Day

Teddy Bear Day v2Today I saw a kinda a bit odd dream about a naked young man, an adult person that is, who was hugging a supersized teddy, and being happy like a kid XDD What the hell, I thought...but later I decided to draw it because it kept looking so awesome in my head XD Well, the drawing is not so bad so I wanted to write a story for it as well ^^

When he lay upon the new giant teddy bear and stroke a sexy pose, the combination looked so strangely deviant that both photographers gulped. The new prop and the new androgynous model arrived to the studio almost at the same time, it seemed like they were destined to be put together in this photoset.

"Damn, I know he's 18 but that prop makes him look like a kid, I'm ready to gouge my eyes out for being a hopeless sinner... we're gonna get in trouble for this," one of the men said, smirking and trying to find the best angle for his camera.

"He has the papers proving he's not a minor and the agency says he's been in the business for a few months now, no complaints so far," shrugged the other photographer. "The authorities don't care about looks as long as it's all legal on paper. Feel lucky you're working with such a prettyboy while he's still not too famous."

"Yeah, tell me about it... Martin, can you bury yourself more into Teddy and stick out your butt a little higher... Oh, my poor eyes... Too perfect!"

Martin kept being so happy with his new toy and listening to the men's silly remarks made him chuckle. He was smiling all the time without the photographers even asking. For a while they kept taking many pictures in silence because the young man seemingly knew by heart the best poses imaginable and was just striking them one by one naturally while playing with the toy.

"Martin, you seem to like Big Teddy so much!"

"Yeah, it's the best prop I ever worked with! Sooo exciting! And he's sooo big! Look at all the poses I can do with him, so awesome! And it feels so nice against skin," Martin pressed himself against the teddy bear, giving it a tight hug and pulling the cutest smile in the world, and was instantly captured a multiple times by both cameras.

"You really love your new job?"

"Yeah!" the young man instantly nodded, "Though I was afraid at first but everybody in this industry was really nice."

"I'm not surprised to hear that," the man nodded, "You're not only good looking but also have a natural talent for posing."

"Thanks! I have a big collection of erotica at home and a huge mirror in my room, I try to repeat everything I like."

"Oh! You take your job really seriously!"

"Yeah, I want to be a photographer one day. I want to learn everything about erotica, sexy lighting, composition, everything... it's the best job ever!"

"How do you parents feel about your job?"

"I only have an uncle, he's only 10 years older and he made my first photoset on my 18th birthday. I love my uncle so much, he understands me perfectly! He's like an older brother and... so much more! He's the best person ever! He helped me to find this job, but really, I don't want to stay as a model for too long, I'm only doing this as a practice to be a better photographer later."

"I still hope you'll be model for a long time, Martin. You're made of gold, do you know that?"

"Hahah", he chuckled, "Thanks, but I always preferred sexy skin over gold."

"Well, it's just a saying. You're really good! Stay like that and you'll be famous and rich in no time."

The photographers were very happy with the photoset and kept saying it must be the most adorable set in the history of artistic erotica and it surely is going to disturb a lot of people with Martin's cuteness. They ended up telling Martin to come to the studio any time whenever he wanted to give Teddy a hug. It was just an act of being nice, of course, so they were very surprised when he called the next day and they suddenly made even more photographs.

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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