Supple Beggar

Amtril in his years of need when he had to trade his wonderful art for just a few coins in random taverns to make a living.

People in the taverns of course did not know the real price of his skills, still the ways in which he could bend his body became a quite popular sight but he quite soon figured that people kind of greedy and sometimes wouldn't give him anything even if they were watching with their eyes wide open. Sometimes they shared drinks with him and he liked mead but also wish he could get some coins too...

So eventually he came up with the idea for a little game: if you pay him a few coins, you could stretch him as you like. At first most people were kind of shy but eventually almost everyone ended up giving him a good stretch at least once. So not only he got people more interested and involved, but also had some awesome stretching practice every evening :3

But he didn't expect that so many people would get addicted to it and would pay him again and again every evening. At the same time his contortion shows also started getting more well-paid, probably because while bending him people learned more about contortion and learned to appreciate it.

Of course he was widely known as a weirdo for his contortions, but it's only because most good people wouldn't want to admit they actually enjoyed to look at oddities like this ^^

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