time to dress up!
this sounds like a job for... Superlink!

Link was created by Shigeru Miyamoto back in 1986

What do you think? 😄
It's one of you older works but still so beautiful. Handsome (Super)Link always is a treat for the eyes. Oh, and all that tight shiny white spandex... ;-) Read more
Thank you so much! If only the face was a bit better :P Read more
Aww... his face is fine. Really. Some of the boys in the older art have a distinctive look to them. They wouldn't be "Yuni" without it. The shading on this is another Yuni-hallmark. Some people actually collect Link/ Zelda statues but nobody has anything as good as this! Read more
Well... maybe they should start collecting Cat Noir instead 😂 Read more
Does the "L" stand for "Link" or "leotard"?
-tbj Read more
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