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Suck My Ribcage

I bet werewolves must really love liches, all the yummy bones! XD

Hmm... being hundreds of years old sure is super boring, and Lichard Tombson sure has a lot of symptoms of extreme boredom... For example, you can easily see him walking around in some of the world's most expensive outfits and then suddenly drop it all on the floor and spend the rest of the day completely naked just because he can!

These whims of the liches are well known. However, they can be also forgiven thanks to the fact that liches are also extremely wise, as well as have a miles long list of pleasant skills that they polish to perfection. It's usually artistic stuff to kill the boredom: poetry, music, painting, dancing, corsetry, contortionism... XD

Well, at least when liches get really good at contortionism, nobody would call them "boneless" XD

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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