Studio Origami

A rather old photo taken randomly at Studio Origami. Many talented youths, but this kid was really amazing, you could literally fold him several times and put in your pocket XD Advanced technologies really do make it possible for almost everybody to learn contortion, but even today some kids can bend like nobody else!!

There's been a lot of talk lately about artificial spinal columns, the spine being one of the last few organs that the science still hasn't learned to replace. Because of all the speculations, many critics have been trying to degrade contortionism, their point being that very soon every human body will be flexible enough to fold like that, so what's the point of paying contortionists for the show?

But honestly, it feels like even then, when any random person in the world will be able to sit on their own shoulders, contortionists would still find a way to do something that nobody could repeat... One can only wonder what the extreme contortions of the future will look like but it will be definitely something with something on the top!

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