Strongfold! 🦾

Eins! Zwei! Spine bye-bye!
Drei! Vier! Fold is near!
FΓΌnf! Sechs! Gotta flex!
Sieben! Acht! So compact!

"I'm just an ordinary youth who does a hundred fold-ups every single day! Fold! Straighten! Fold! Straighten!"

Yes, FlatFest 2201 is near and the competitors are strong! Gotta fold hard to win! The bucket is no longer enough... it's time for the morning iron!! Go go Helmut, show them who's the [Hugo] Boss! 🀣

Thanks Yuni, this is an amazing piece. I love the two visuals that the mirror affords, and of course the inconspicuous sigil. Thank you so much for the comment!
Yup, mirrors are always such a good addition. I simply can't imagine a contortionist training without a mirror. If I was him, I'd have several mirrors and several cameras at all the best angles 😜
❀❀❀❀❀❀ 😊😊😊
I'm loving everything about this. The bend of course but also the outfit! Instant favorite!
Wow, thank you so much!! I know that you enjoy them fit contortionist boys! I always come back to look at your amazing works!
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and many others: 😍
For some reason, I remembered last year’s meme: Stardenburdenhardenbart! German always works πŸ€£πŸ‘ More like Limbertimberkinderfold 🀣
Omg! I really love it!!!!!! So glad you liked!! 😊
oh boy πŸ’• 😘
That body must feel wonderful! Instead of breaking, spine just bends pushing everything inside forward squeezing compressed organs against strong belly muscles.
And when your backs hit own tight ass you are almost sorry you can't go bit further. What would feel like pain for others your trained shell perceives as sweet satisfaction.
You have only one tinny fear, what if you one day stay this way for good! That might complicate walking and other things a bit.

Great image, I remember similar pose from tablebot serving drinks on party, but this is better and fleshed out version.

If only one could take this and live to try again :-p
Thank you so much!!
I haven't actually thought how his waist must be compressed but indeed the folded line on his back must be so close to the abdominal wall on the front, so he must be able to suck in his stomach to the very backbone, he could even do it as part of this exercise as he folds and straightens his back repeatedly he could straighten with a stomach vacuum. Bet it's an amazing sight to go from a deep stomach vacuum to that amazing fold... 😍
What a fantastic idea! Very glad you enjoyed it! 😊
seems like he gone from wood to iron but doesn't look like he going to stop there and going to fold for gold XD (insert the Spanish laughing man) 🀣
Thanks for sharing!
Very glad you enjoyed it! πŸ˜„
I like, how his stance goes against any health advice. Lifting the weight this way shows, what an Übermensch he is. Also sweet hood.
Thank you so much!! I think there's some lifting exercises that involve arching the spine, of course not to Helmut's degree πŸ˜‰
Such a beautiful talent. <3 Yup! Very glad you enjoyed it 😊
toned yet flexible. nice Glad you liked! 😊
Looks so cool Thank you! :D
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