Street Folder

Part 1

Nate wanted to do a Cammy cosplay but wasn't fitting into the shot... Not a problem! 😅

"What? I thought this harness was specially made for situations like this!"

Aww, the true power of fitness! The real foldier! 🤤

Cammy outfit by Squarepeg3d at Renderosity

What do you think? 😄
Ohhhh those legs!!!!! oooouuuuuhhhh! Best cosplay one could wish... if only one could "cosplay" the cosplayer not only with clothes but with body too...
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Yes but then he also could use some breasts, haha.. Guess it's still an incomplete cosplay 😜
Oh, just remembered I did a male Cammy in the past already! Going in large circles 🤣 Read more
It's not a real Cammy cosplay until we get that lovely rear view~ Read more
Haha, true! And I admit he's got it 😉 Read more
absolutely loving how slender yet powerful those legs look. Read more
Yup, the legs that make you think one pic is just not enough... 😁 Read more
I have that first male Cammy in back of my head since I first saw him long time ago... :-) it is still great version...
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Amazing body in the perfect high cut leotard. Lets everyone see those amzing hips and legs. Read more
Would be a crime to wear pants over legs like that 😅 Read more
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