Street Folder

Part 2

Nate wanted to do a Cammy cosplay but wasn't fitting into the shot... Not a problem! 😅

"What? I thought this harness was specially made for situations like this!"

Aww, the true power of fitness! The real foldier! 🤤

Cammy outfit by Squarepeg3d at Renderosity

What do you think? 😄
A great pair Yuni. This is the perfect costume for such a lithe and effete lad. Nate always looks so cheeky.
Nate has seemingly toned his body since his last appearance. The extra muscle definition in his (still appropriately slim) arms and legs really suits him. I love the beautiful abdominal cleft and surrounding muscle tone that is only accentuated more the deeper Nate bends.
These simpler pieces really display the refinement of your technique; it's always very impressive to behold. Thanks Yuni. Read more
Thank you so much! And very true, a great outfit for an athletic teen boy, after all leotards were originally designed for men, with the male body in mind, though of course they weren't so high cut, rather very low cut, but it still sucks that this piece of garment somehow stopped its development as male clothes. Personally I think it really perfect on men:
Perhaps in the future more people will be trying to wear it and pay attention to how great it looks...
As for the muscles, the character Cammy White has muscled legs so I thought Nate's cosplay would look off without them. Read more
What a unique way of fitting into shot! Lovely rendition of Cammy's costume, and great expressions on Nate too :D Read more
Very glad you liked ^^
I think this outfit is probably a model ripped directly from the game but not sure as just wanted to try it for fun... ^^ Read more
Splendid as always. ❤️❤️❤️
Your artworks always capture this beauty of human body in such extreme ways, being a complete opposite of what media show us. Just beautiful ❤️ Read more
I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!! 😊
Well, as long as you find these extremes interesting because I know I do 😜 Read more
Darn, those fitness-lessons really paid off! There's some serious mass buildup happening there. You've got to stay in balance, they say. (Now, having said that, with his degree of flexibility, he would have to outclass any bodybuilder living - I'm somewhat happy that it's not the case...) Read more
Haha, yeah, I wonder if he got jealous of his friend Danny. Either way it was fun to see this alternative version of his body, even thinking of keeping him this way 😛 Read more
C-C-C-C COMBO BENDER!!! :D Read more
Read more
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