Strangemix 2

He's been a circus boy since he was about 5, trained by his mother who also was experienced in the arts of flexibility. On a sunny day, as the boy just turned 14, he was walking down a street and there was the break-dance gang that he met and stood staring at for what it seemed like half an hour with his mouth wide open, watching all the incredible movements and acrobatic leaps!

More and more he was getting jealous so that in the end he just couldn't find anything else to do, but start with his own performance right in the street, and in a couple of minutes the whole gang had made a circle around him with their eyes open wide while the boy was folding himself in most surprising ways, thanks to his mom that they spent hours with in the gym every evening:

As he got himself unbent from the final twist, everybody couldn't stay but gave him the loudest cheers, all the boys and girls looked at him in amazement, that made him blush so heavily that he ran away in shame as fast as he could but one of the guys was quick enough to catch him, and asked if he wouldn't mind joining their team because, being taught break-dancing, and with this godsent skills he could become something simply explosive! And he was all like *puppy eyes* SUUURE!! He was so excited :3 So they started dancing together somewhere in the streets everyday.

When he was 17, he was one of the three that founded a break-beat/break-dance/break-everything band STRANGEMIX. The others were two of his best friends. So when they started the whole musical thing, in which he took part as a synth player, he also dyed his hair red and got himself a new, different clothing. From that time he'd been known as Rouge, and that is what he looks like now :3

The band's used to record tracks in a small home studio that belongs to the other member's dad, and then they dance to their own beat in the street trying to defeat the heat and earn a bit of cash to buy some meat and all that [beep]...huh!? Ah I'm sorry! :blush: So yeah, what of their performance, it's quite original and unique: each of them synchronizes their movements to the part of the track that they composed themselves, so Rouge does more slow and pliant movements to his own atmospheric synths. The other member, a girl, does the vocals and the other guy dances like a robot to the intensive drum beats. Well, I'm bad at describing stuff but believe you me the show is like magic when you see it with your own eyes! :) I mean isn't the poster convincing enough:


Their ever cherished dream is to be able to perform on the stage having all the effects, lighting and a great sound system someday! :D

Here I used a photo reference suggested by Truhania and performed by Mukhtar Gusen-Gadzhiev, the one who has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most flexible man in the world! And what a luxurious pose indeed! o.o

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