🧍‍♂️ Still Standing!

Whoops, I found this picture from 2002, the year I started making art, so I thought I'd remake it 20 years later but after I was done, guess what?? I suddenly found I already redrew it before in 2015! Jizz... I guess we have 3 versions now 😂

What do you think? 😄
You have improved easy year, getting more cute and bendy each time XD and 3 folds are better than one XP Read more
Thank you ^^ Read more
Wow! It is really amazing all three are really nice you know how sometimes realism kinda takes away something but you can't understand why you get a not so great feel toward it only to find you like the one that came before it so much better well that is what happening to me right now. For some reason I like the older ones cute 2015 is my favorite. I guess I just have a thing for cuteness? Don't take this a wrong way I'm curious if anyone ever sees that in any persons art. Love your art always. Read more
Thanks 😅 Read more
Interesting and amazing how much your skill has progressed! Read more
I think it's a bit unfair though, my 2003 art was already WAY better than 2002, but this makes it look like it took 13 years to get to the level of 2015 😂

Oh and I just figured I completely forgot to add the red stars/sparkles in 2022, must be the first signs of dementia 🤣 Read more
20 years of improvements. Really inspiering. Read more
Thank you 😊 Read more
They're all so different! Fascinating. Read more
Thank you 😊 Read more
I like it Read more
thank you Read more
Great evolution Read more
Thanks Read more
Jizz? Not jeez? I'm going to interpret that as confirmation that you agree he is jizzworthy. Let's all enjoy this boy's legs and feet. Yuni nails it when it comes to these features. Read more
Jizz for just jizzworthy, jeez if he's worthy of a second cumming XD But since it's the third incarnation already, guess it's more like jeebus now XD
So glad you like their legs! :3 Read more
All three are lovely 💕 Read more
Thank you 😊 Read more
Red stars/sparkles noticed that right away and was saddened you no longer like that detail. But realized telling would only make me annoying as you know best what is good for 3D and was rather silent.
But I tell you this... I wish there is version 2042 one day... fully animated, breathing, moving and done by you :-)
Shifty Read more
There will be no 2042 version or 2032 version. The red stars, I was about to add them but it was exactly the moment when I wanted to look how they were done in the 2002 version and suddenly found the 2015 one, so I just stopped working on it. Read more
I... I... just hope its because you think 2015 version is best because eh... I felt scarred for second that there is some serrious reason. I know Iam silly sometime. Read more
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