Stefano - Now and Then

In this "novel" on the right we had Stefano go from a simple stableboy who was going around topless with the fear of being called a girl, to his first day as a beautiful witch with a yummy body and no more fears 😄

I tried to design him the way he appears in that "novel", back in 1669 (on the right) and probably some years, decades or centuries later (on the left), after training with his Master, the great warlock, his life changed, he moved to a distant island to study witchraft and contortion.

His Master being a gourmet for sexy outfits and underwear, of course tried them all on Stefano, but the island wasn't very small and the Master owned a number of horses, so the experienced hostler Stefano could be often found in the stables in his old outfit too... Needless to say it was a "chef's special" for his gourmet Master, to see him in the hostler's outfit, never failed to bring back the memories of the day they met 😍

What do you think? 😄
Well, his stable outfit is sexy, too :) Read more
Very glad you liked! 😊 Read more
A gourmet knows, any outfit is only as good as its stuffing XD
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Well said XD Read more
Wow! The one on the left is incomparable! Favorite style. Read more
Yay! Very glad you liked! Read more
Oh to be a familiar, summoned at a grand ritual then be taken for a tryout ride, put the broomstick out of business, know what i mean :p Read more
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Ha, another two in one treat.
I like that original on right looks "normal" as he should in story and only with experience and time he turned into paranormal sex dream :)
More we see of Stefano and his "frieds" the better!

btw thats damn fine leather outfit
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Thanks Shifty!
I just really had to make a picture of the "original" Stefano from that story, I thought he looked really damn sexy when trying to not look like a girl by walking around topless, which I think only made things worse XD I think his new teacher of witchcraft really managed to liberate him from all the fears and Stefano upgraded to the apperance he only dreamed to have before :D
I'm sure we'll see more of Stefano and his friends and fiends haha (I mean the demons he will learn to summon) Read more
I'm glad he gets to be his true self now. Read more
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Looks like Stefano could be a perfect cosplayer for Yennefer (The Witcher)! :D
Other cosplayers and spectators would perrish in his beauty... Read more
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