Spunky Twister πŸ₯¨

"This game is super easy! All you have to do is step on circles like this and keep your butt in the air. See? Even Pinocchio could play it!"

"Yes, if Pinocchio was made of rubber tree!!"

This is absolutely amazing! I'd love to see more of this! Maybe a Yasha vs Andrzej twister game. Bendy boys and twister just go together! Yeah, that game is made for people whose sides don't explode from twisting and who can have their feet on the circles in the opposite corners. Seeing Yasha and Andrzej double-twisting there would be great! I did write a fic about them playing together but as they say a picture is better than a kilobyte of words πŸ˜„
now lets see folks have flex sex on this Twister mat! Now THAT would be a next gen challenge! πŸ˜…
"Oh, it's too easy? Right hand on green, Yasha!" Mwahaha! I imagined that and it actually seems doable for him without lifting any other limbs. Maybe I should combine this idea with the other comment suggesting to add Andrzej 😏
That one is really good and funny at the same time. ^^ Thank you so much! Somehow Yasha always has the cutest pictures 😊
Con la tematica del juego Twister tienes muchas buenas posturas que puedes hacer....
With the theme of this Twister game you have many good postures that you can do....
Oh sí jaja! Las posibilidades son infinitas! 😏
Oh yeah haha! The possibilities are endless!
You hardly can win against Yasha?! Nathaniel maybe? Lovely! Thank you so much!! Yasha is too good at twists and oversplits and that seems like essential skills for this game. Nathaniel has one of the world's best backbends but not sure if that would help him in this game πŸ˜…
Will he have a new body? It seems that he once looked after the ladies' uniforms. Yeah, I think he wanted to try turning into a girl for maybe a week or a month, I just forgot about it πŸ˜…
Hehe. I'm quite biased, but the visibility of cheek on hand is quite a lovely thing.

Though I've got to admit, they must play a lot a twister to get what appears to be a fine grained rug in the pattern, rather than the more typical plastic mat.
I think I got a couple of neurons in my brain destroyed trying to make sense of this comment 😣
Yuni! Your arts are just fucking awesome! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ I'm very happy to know that you're enjoying them! 😊
Yuni! Your arts are just freaking awesome! I'm very happy that you enjoy my works! 😊
Prochaines Γ©tapes : nez sur bleu , tΓ©ton droit sur jaune
Next steps: nose on blue, right nipple on yellow
Les tΓ©tons son rouges, les nez sont bleus, je suis flexible et so are you!
Nipples on red, noses on blue, I am bendy and so are you!
I always love to see contortionist twister! I've never seen real life contortionist twister, maybe I need to look it up 😁
Favorite body part? Too difficult because every part is favorite 😊
amazing 😍 Thanks!! πŸ˜‰
This pic reminds me a scene from Bill and Ted movie, where they playing in this game with the Death. Cool art. Haha, thanks! Had to look it up but yeah, looks like it! Also Twister is smaller than I thought IRL. Very glad you enjoyed 😊
I don't know why, but that pose is super cute with Yasha. I mean, it's adorable and I don't know why. Maybe it's that extra little bend in his lumbar that kinda gives him a bubble butt. I just know I love it.
I guess butts just look good in that position 😘
Something very immersive about such a tangible scene and cue playful expresion. I have a feeling he'd be OP at this game ;3 So glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, playing this game with his skills is like fishing with dynamite 🀣
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