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Ben D. Eagle: "Extreme flexibility has always been common in the Western tribal dancing, the Snake Dance was known for 10,000 years before the rhythmic gymnastics was invented!"

Daily Bend Magazine presents Hoops of Tomorrow! The prettiest femboys in sports from all over the world! The stretchiest pair of wings legs in the Western sky! Today with us we have Benjamin Douglas "Ben D" Eagle from America!

Indeed, the Snake Dance was not a rare practice among the youths of many tribes. It had different names in different tribes but was easily recognizable for its stunning body contortions that take many years to master, starting from the early childhood.

"The first movement a young dancer must learn is to bend backwards and stand on all fours, from that position walk the hands on the floor, making a circle around the legs until the body is bent forward, then continue circling the hands around until he's bent backwards again. The dancer practices that until he can do it without touching the floor with the hands, just letting the torso bend around like rubber, circling around the legs. Then it's polished to perfection until the shoulders always touch the legs as the torso moves around."

During shamanic dances, the snake-dancer can move like that very slowly for a very long time, supported by the power of the spirits which he inhales before the dance. Usually the snake-dancers are chosen from the youths of the special gender that is recognized by all Westerners.

"The concept of the third gender has existed on the Western continents since the most ancient times. Beside boys and girls there was a mixed gender, either a strong and masculine girl or a naturally effeminate boy like me. The double-gendered people are believed to be more vital and powerful, thus they often become elders, shamans or dancers. They are also allowed to marry a man or a woman, which ever they like better."

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