Spineless Prince WIP

Once upon a bear time, Martin, the prince of all the bendies and teddy bears, decided to look what real polar bears look like. The will of the prince is the law! And so an expedition to the Northern Dance Pole was arranged.

Alas, sexy skin is good for nothing in the wintry climate, so how to keep the body warm? Even warm clothes aren't going to be enough... Luckily, just like every prince, Martin took tons of ballet classes as a child, some yoga in his teens and later jumped head over heels into contortion together with his beloved Erika!

Of course, being the busy prince he was, he couldn't snail up all the way like Erika who pretty much made contortion her full-time job as the royal jester, but still. Martin got some jelly up his spine, too. Enough to keep himself warm, or should we put it straight, plain hot XD

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