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Spineless and Careless

A pretty obvious addition to Squidward's many artistic talents *giggle*

Squidward: Doing yoga in the nude, what could be better? Squidward, my man, you are perfect! (Giggles to himself)

Little Kid Fish: (Tugs on his mom's sleeve) Why did this man break his back? Mommy, I'm scared!

Squidward: (Wiggles his butt sitting on his own shoulders) A flexible spine is vital for maintaining a healthy body.

Mable: If it's vital then why trying to break it?

Squidward: You bottom feeders. I didn't break it, this form of art is called Contortionism, it takes years of hard training to bend the body like this...

SpongeBob and Patrick: (Walking by with their bodies bent in half backwards) Hi, Squidward!!

Squidward: ...Unless you're a spineless sponge. (Rolls up his yoga mat and walks away)

#SpongeBob #contortion #fanart
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