Son of Cleo 3

When Andremede Alexandrius, that serpent-priest, worked as a Sphinx for one of the ancient Pyramids, his duty was to guard the entrance and bite anyone who couldn't give the answer to the famous riddle.

"Which creature has one spine and yet becomes folded-in-half and triple-folded and quadruple-folded?"

Jason solved the riddle by answering: "A bendy boy—who bends in half backwards as a child, then learns the triplefold as a young teen, and then as a young adult gets his head and shoulders completely through his legs. But technically, if you don't go between the legs but twist to the side, you can bend even further, look!"

"Nice! I haven't even thought of that. I guess I won't eat you after all..."
"Your loss. Well I'll go eat myself then! See ya!"

Hmpf! And since then Andremede couldn't stop thinking of that silly blonde Greek. "Hmpf, those Greeks are quite inventive. I'll need to follow him secretly, maybe he knows even more tricks..."

And so, slithering down from his black pedestal, the snake-priest followed those nice firm buttocks beautifully tilting from one side to the other as their owner walked through the hall of bendy fame...