Son of Cleo

I drew a bit of Andrzej pulling an Egyptian ^^
Thanks a lot to @AnAnonFarseer for the inspiration and helping with these ideas ^^

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Fold Club Productions
in association with Bendy Unicorns
A Martin Ribbons film...


Andrzej Kowalczyk as Andremede Alexandrius
Yasha Lebedev as Jason Yasheus
Martin Ribbons as Martin Jardinius Titanicus

Egypt. 24 BC.

Alexander Helios, the youngest son of queen Cleopatra, is proclaimed officially dead after suffering a rare disease. Since the early childhood his body was capable of strange and wondrous things, spending years with healers and even exorcists failed to bring him back to the world of the ordinary.

The young prince was in no shape to become a ruler of men, he was inclined to spend most of his time stretching and twisting his body and coiling up like a snake. Eventually the boy was led to the temple of the serpent goddess who is said to have relieved him of his burden and the boy had found eternal peace... in death.

At the same time a young priest named Andremede Alexandrius emerges in the temple of the serpent goddess, in complete secrecy. Behind the closed doors he starts to dance in front of the statue of the goddess, and only the chosen few are allowed to feast their eyes upon his movements alongside the goddess herself.

The boy only leaves the temple with a cat mask on his face. His walk is that of a royal dancer, his figure and posture are godlike, he is Bastet incarnate. Some people pray and bow to the ground behind him, some kiss the sand touched by his sandals.

But after taking some sun and fresh air, the teenage priest heads back to the temple to continue his dancing chores and so great they are that no tongue is allowed to speak of his dances and no scribe is allowed to write about them.

One day he goes to watch the sea and accidentally falls into water. He can actually swim but doesn't make that impression on the young Greek gymnast and sailor, Jason Yasheus, who immediately jumps off board of his ship Argo to rescue the drowning. After getting pulled on the nearest shore by the fit Greek youth, Andremede's only concern is the lost sandal and having to walk his way back barefeet.

Jason returns to his ship to tell the story to his (s)crewmate Martin Jardinius Titanicus, who happens to just have found the aforementioned footwear floating in the water. Martin accuses Jason in letting such a beautiful boy go away just like that without inviting him for a glass of wine or two or three. Jason wholeheartedly agrees and makes up his mind to find the graceful (even if clumsy enough) boy and not only invite him but get him to join their (s)crew!

The end of Episode 01 of ??.

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