🌷 Son of a Gum

"Frankie, you're easily the most flexible in our class, even if Simon is still the best gymnast but none of us can stretch like you do!"

Frankie blew a bubble and popped it. "I don't know, stretching just reminds me of bubble gum. So my body likes it. Maybe I'm just natural?" He blew and popped another bubble.

"You're a real gum-nast, Frankie!" Andrew laughed to the brand new joke he just came up with.

"That's not true!" Michael argued. "He's just stretching all the time! Before classes, during classes, between classes, after classes and even while doing his homework for reading and writing! We could all get that flexible if we were so obsessed with it!"

Frankie pouted. "And how do you know all that?! Were you stalking me all day??"

Michael blushed. "N- no... I mean, I just peeked every now and then because I really like your stretches."

"Well, in this case, you will be my stretching partner from now on. I can't stand it that we only get the teachers to stretch us during classes. It's like only being allowed to chew bubble gum during lunch instead of all day! If I had a helping hand more often, I could finally get my shoulders through my legs. It's my favorite stretch that I've seen in my magazines about contortion but I can still only get my neck through my legs and not the shoulders..."

"Don't worry, Frankie, I'll help you! I'd really love to see you in that amazing position! You will blow your bubbles as you blow our minds!"

"Hehe. Thanks. I'll be having the day of my life when I can finally do it."

Another picture of Frankie/Francine from the story Simon Stringfellow by Curious4ever!

I had this little idea that Frankie could be the most flexible/stretchiest in the class, which is somehow related to his love for bubble gums. So that thought inspired this little unofficial fanfic of sorts..

This is supposed to be him during the bending and flexing class, stretched by the teacher.

What do you think? 😄
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Good work. Assisted stretching is really cool. What about martial art with flexible elements?? Read more
Well, sounds like the theme of some of my new works! 😉 Read more
Frankie's attracting the eyes of the other boys with his magnificent flexibility -- just as he's catching my eye with his gorgeous pink leotard and those adorable socks. Read more
His dedication to his flexing exercises is to be commended. It is easy to see that he is definitely the most flexible student in his class. Read more
Yeah there's usually one student in the class who's really good at it and Frankie looked just like that type. Read more
Great to see new flexible art from you, Yuni. I’ve also been greatly enjoying your art site as well. That dude surely enjoys doing what he does best.😉 Read more
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