This extra cold land had formed during the Hot Age, probably to balance out the heat of the Great Desert... Another version is that the land was frozen by the Snowmaiden, the busty queen of this kingdom, who is also rumored to have built her Frozen Kremlin using some spacetime-freezing magic...

Either way, it's the land of Eternal Winter and many cold-loving creatures (e.g. snow angels, snowmen, etc) have made it their home.

This land is favored by shamans, also known as ice mages, who are immune to cold so much that they're running around almost naked while playing with snow and ice. The ones who lose in the snowball game have to strike a cool pose and get frozen into beautiful ice sculptures that become the winner's trophy for a day and the winner is free to do whatever they want with them (e.g. lick them like icecream).

This Snow Queendom has a surprising amount of magical creatures and animals who love cold snow as much as demons love their hot desert sands.

What do you think? 😄
Yunia is kinda like "Narnia" only better. This is the icy kingom run by the sexy Snow Queen. She's got the ice castle and statues. All Yunia needs now is a noble (and insanely cute) lion. Oh, wait. There's one of those, too. 😊
I know Wolfy's getting a ton of fan-love these days, but Nehcy is a classic.

Yunia landscapes are so much win. Eventually, there will be enough of Yunia for a new wallpaper every month! Best of all, they're workplace-friendly without raising any eyebrows. Read more
I've never watched/read Narnia, maybe I should as I think I've only watched a couple of movies this entire year... 😂

Oh wow, Nehcy actually has that 80s rocker mane too! I completely forgot about that, but now I could totally imagine some new sexy pictures of him! 😋

Interesting idea about Yunia wallpapers for every month! Fungaard and Armbury could easily make ones for autumn, Vampsylvania and Snowberia for winter, Elbend for spring and Alshara and Benduti for summer. Read more
Iam cold just from looking at that palace :) but it looks very interesting!
Shifty Read more
Thanks ^^ Read more
Your worldly vistas are as equally beutiful as your persons.
Thank you!

/<o> Read more
That's great, I always hoped to find something to do in my art other than human figures and posing. Of course I like them but I always wanted to prove to myself somehow that there's at least one more thing in existance that is equally good... These landscapes proved to be a great alternative, also make you dream and think of things, similarly how you do that when seeing a character. Read more
I heard that there lives a creature called Bendigo. Is it truth? Read more
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