Snow Snake

I was in the wintry mood and made this little improvisation, so i don't have a real story for this snakey... yet.... :3

What do you think? 😄
I know you will probably not see this, but I love this picture, and I remember this being the first pic of your work I ever saw and I fell in love with him. I did want to ask if I could make an inspired pose of this in blender, but didn't know how to contact you besides finding the pic here and asking the question here. Read more
I'm very glad you like this picture! Well, I'm curious what you're going to do with it in Blender. I also find it easier to duplicate already existing pictures and work from references, but I usually try to push myself to make something completely new instead, because why make something that already exists? But sometimes it's fun to make new versions of old pics just to see if it can be done better after extra years of practice 😏 Read more
Oh, this picture is lovely and magical. Gives such a nice winter mood now in spring.
o< Read more
Oh thank you so much!! This picture looks sad at first glance but it's really funny because he's not only got jeans on his tail but a knitted sock to boot 🤣 Read more
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