Snow Leopard Sven

(Story by Wahn)

It was a quiet early summer night, with the sun already having set and the first stars appearing in the sky above Suppleham, when something extraordinary happened. On an empty field of grass outside the city, the quiet of the night was suddenly interrupted by the faint notes of a calliope playing one of the typical tunes of a wandering circus. Then an eye-blink later, a man appeared from thin air, much unlike the inhabitants of the world around him. Dressed in a black suit with a red coat, a top-hat set on his head, the proud anthro tiger stroked his whiskers and looked around, taking in the city lying quietly before him. A smile spread over the circus ringmaster's face as he saw a new place for his troupe to perform, bringing joy and wonder to yet another world.

"This will do just fine," he said to himself, then gripped to walking stick in his hand more tightly and tapped its end on the ground. Out of the empty air, a large circus tent phased into being, rising to proud heights and with brightly colored little flags flapping in the suddenly rising wind. Lights and music came with it, illuminating the suddenly appeared structure and beckoning the inhabitants of the nearby city with their haunting tunes. Turning to walk through the entrance of the larce circus tent, he passed under the large banner reading "Monty's Travelling Extravaganza and Circus", then called out, "Look lively people, our first audience in this place will be here soon..."

Sven belongs to Wahn ©

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