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Snow Angel

Laying with snow angels is known for the risk of turning into one of them...

Luckily, my expensive bodily oils keep me perfectly immune to most of the world's climates, my bare skin never gets tanned in the desert, can't be poisoned by tropical flowers and never freezes in the arctic.

But no alchemist is immune to everything! Me, a grown up muscled guy, was reduced to a petite sexless creature in a mere few days I spent in the snow angels' nest!!

If I only knew this would be the cost of getting a bottle of angelic milk... Now I'll have to work out from scratch to rebuild my musculature and I guess nobody will ever believe that I'm really 25.

Not that it's bad to be a teen again, at least I haven't lost any of my knowledge, but can't say the same about some more important parts. Now need to get out of this place and head straight to Melonie, of all the witches in the world she must know how to restore my manhood!

(Dariush Lovehorn. "HOT in the COOL")

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:

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