A very wavy naga, unnamed yet... I like his leather, umm, loin-cloth? :3

What do you think? 😄
The role-model and celebrity idol of every competitor at Yunia's Foldolympics. Anyone else want him as a neat little 3-D printed statue?

Oh my folds, there's a thought. The day Yuni's art gets converted into a line of collectible statues, my every room in my house is going to look like a sexy perverted version of my grandmother's place with all her cutesy old Hummel figurines. Read more
I don't mind if someone with enough skills turns this picture into a printable 3D model, maybe I will even do it myself one day when I'm bored with my current style and get more into 3D sculpting... The last time I tried I couldn't do anything enjoyable and I'm usually more focused on things I can actually do well ^^; Read more
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