Snake Youth! 🐤

When people see Helmut, they always say: "This kid is gonna bend far!" 😆

Me encantaria ver como entrena, como le estiran al maximo!
I would love to see how he trains, how they stretch him to the maximum!
Esperemos que lo veamos pronto! 😉
Let's hope we'll see it soon!
Хвостик у котёнка поднят, ножки разведены - глазки просят ласки...Что этому слепому Альфольду ещё надо?! "Открой глаза и посмотри на мою левую руку - Это призыв!"....)))
The kitten's tail is raised, the legs are spread - the eyes ask for affection...What else does this blind Alfold want?! "Open your eyes and look at my left hand - This is a call!"....)))
Призыв к долгу! От милашки! 😘
Call for duty! From the cutie!
Ich liebe ihn! <3
I love him! <3
Danke! 😊
I´m from Djöermenee, and I love your ability to make art, that is satirical and affectionate at the same time. You strip the evil forces of the symbols, a lot of their power and deception depends on. You claim back the shapes and colors, they have sullied, and turn them into a message of love and freedom. <3 <3 <3

Cool way, how Helmut flips the finger XD
Thank you! I was thinking of his unique skill to bend his limbs/spine at sharp angles and for some reason thought of this finger contortion, so he can fold his finger while keeping it straight. I guess that's the first finger contortion I've ever done, still surprised that it didn't look too awful!

Well, to be honest I just wanted to have a German character, but my friend has a fetish for all kinds of villains/military and I thought I'd do two things at once by making a German boy and also a gift for my friend... After all, I already have Yasha who works for the Soviet Communist Party (well, not all the time but I think once or twice he had stories where he bends for the commies).

I think contortion just works really well under villain pressure because democracy makes people too lazy, but with some pressure they can show us some miracles and true discipline. Well, actually that's not true IRL but it's a fun idea for fiction... But I absolutely don't care about politics. Thank you for telling me something positive instead! 💖
I love flexible fingers! Please do try more! Okay if I don't forget 😄
he needs a kiss :) Hehe...
Hellooooo 😀
SWEET Thanks! :D
💌 What do you think?

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