Snake Charmers

Charming snakes and bendy boys all the same :>

This is a kid who was once bitten by a very strange serpent and since that day would often find himself in the state of a divine trance whenever he heard a certain old and nameless tune. His eyes would roll and his body would start doing something very freaky but at the same time very captivating. In the end he didn't remember anything about what happened.

The first time it happened he really frightened his parents and had to make a series of visits to ayurveda doctors who were puzzled by this story but found nothing wrong about the child's body condition.

The next time it happened they passed near a snake charmer who played that same exact tune. He witnessed the child's divine contortions and offered his parents a good deal.

The third time it happened as part of the street show and a huge crowd gathered to watch the wonder, and since then they never had a problem putting bread on the table :>

Since then it happened several times a day and the boy learned to control his senses and memory while performing the contortions, turning it into more and more beautiful craft. Surprisingly also all kinds of snakes seemed to fall in love with him and had no fear crawling over his body, especially when he was in the trance, and because of that some people called him the prince of cobras.

Maybe he will become a saint or a guru one day, but so far they use him as a street performer XD

The double reed wind instrument used for snake charming is known as pungi and an example of music can be heard here.

What do you think? 😄
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