🌞 Snails & Holidays

As usual Yasha spends his vacations in China with his Grandfather and Wushu master, Yan Feng Gu, who made the decision to turn his grandson into a snail. 🐌

What do you think? 😄
Esta pose merece un Rayos X
This pose deserves an X-ray Read more
Gran idea! Pero, qué pasa si la radiografía muestra que no hay huesos? 🤣💦
Great idea! But what if the x-ray shows that there are no bones? Read more
great pic Read more
Thank you so much 😊 Read more
The most fantanstic pic for contortionist in the world! Read more
Thank you so much!! 😊 Read more
yuni hablas español?? :O Read more
Realmente no, solo usando Google Translate 😅 Read more
Dear Ms. Yuni, Thank you for your beautiful art! I wouldn't call it lewd. The human body is the most sublime structure in the known universe, and your surreal art celebrates it in ways ordinary figure drawing cannot. I was hyperflexible as a boy, but nobody ever thought to take pictures of me. Thank you for bringing back fond memories for me! Read more
Thank you so much for enjoying it! Yes, it's still mind-boggling to think that the human body can be trained to bend in such ways without breaking. The magic of contortion is hypnotizing and even if I can't become a contortionist myself, I still like to improve my art in every way I can and it makes me really happy that my "achievements" are interesting to others, even though they're done by fictional characters 😉 Read more
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