Snail Sports 🐌

Yasha flexing his skills again πŸ˜„

His performance as the greek hero Jason in the TV show "Son of Cleo" quickly piqued the interest of adverteasing companies.

Snail Sports, who make all kinds of gym equipment, specially for power stretching and weight folding, offered Yasha to make some promo shots for subway posters to inspire other youths to hit the gym!

*cough*andusetheirequipmentofc*cough* 😏

Well, he could not miss this opportunity!

Well, this is no Arcade Pit, but that's a mighty fine snail logo nonetheless.

Twisty Yasha is a fine sight too.
Very glad you liked the logo!! Oh yes, that Yasha, almost didn't notice him at first... Just kidding! I'm very glad you liked him too! 😁
I bet he can raise his legs to the handlebar while keeping his back on the cushion! I haven't thought of that but seems he can do a "frontbend" with his lower half and curl up to take a seat on his upper back? Okay that makes me dizzy just thinking about! 🀯
OHMYGOSH! I LOVE IT! I absolutely adore your super flexible mega bendy pics! You always do them so awesomely! Yasha is definiately my favorite. Oh, I'm very happy you enjoy them! Thank you very much for supporting them!! I must say ever since I added comments to this site, it's been a lot more fun to make art πŸ₯°
Me recuerda mucho a Alexey, se nota su influencia.... maravillosa pose... incluso Alexey podria hacerla...
It reminds me a lot of Alexey, you can see his influence.... wonderful pose... even Alexey could do it...
Siempre he sido un gran admirador de los giros de Alexey! Sus fotos son lo mejor que tengo en mi computadora. Pero la gente real tiene sentimientos y no quiero ofenderlos con mis fantasΓ­as, asΓ­ que creΓ© a Yasha, que es un personaje de ficciΓ³n... πŸ˜‰
I've always been a huge fan of Alexey's twists! The photos of him are the best thing I have on my computer. But real people have feelings and I don't want to offend them with my fantasies, so I created Yasha, who is a fictional character...
It must feel confusing, to touch arms and legs this way, but I guess Yasha is used to touch himself in very weird ways :P Oh yeah I know how confusing it can be, I once tried to do yoga for a few days... But since Yasha started contorting as a kid, maybe his mind is also pretty flexible by now πŸ€”
Imaginate dormir asi
Imagine sleeping like this
Imagínese irse a dormir normalmente pero despertarse así... 😝
Imagine going to sleep normally but waking up like this...
Would it be appropriate to just tingle his chest and ribs by fingers? It's not like he could object much hh.
Pose is very fresh and so is Yasha, silver light dancing on his clean skin. This white "weight folding" outfit + gear is great adition to atmosphere.

And while for others this new sport might sounds dangerous Yasha seems already like natural champion. After doing this pose like nothing he surely got overexcited and went for 540 degrees... he was about to actually do it but photo crew got all scarred at 360 and called to asylum (previous image). While everyone was holding him still Yasha was screaming "Iam real snail boy! I can do it! I can do it!" :-)

ps: Josh guy who is into legs will go crazzy on this one :-!
ps ps: Logo is professional, you could do them for living for sure!
I hope Yasha will be just alright! He's a fun boy, one of the KGB (Kremlin's Gymnast Boys), also having the title of the Unbreakable. I think it's all about the people who help him a lot... the Siberian shamans, the Communist coaches, the Chinese kung fu masters... Yasha is definitely my favorite character and I always try to do the best for him!

I'm sure I'll be alright without doing logos or anything else for a living. In the world that's not worth living in it in the first place... I'm just happy I have comrades who enjoy the same things, who cheer me up and whom I try to cheer up with my works. Without art this whole life would be an "exercise in futility" πŸ˜‰
When you have transcended leg day you bend it like Yasha. Hahaha, yeah that... the dreaded Leg Day. I envy Yasha for having the energy for all that workout. The leg days always make me feel horrible and walk home like a snail πŸ˜₯
More we see of Yasha's journey more interesting he is. Maybe he was just pulling everyones leg (not just his own) and they took that joke too serriously :-) I didn't wanted to imply he is crazzy for real, sorry if it looked that way.

Well, I was always very optimistic about things, but past several years I do have feeling like Iam living in some sort of alternate reality which more and more diverge from "real" one... and not for the better. I do try to live on without breaking as it seems too many people just broke already and some without hesitation, plugging themselves into new hive mind controlled by few psycho maniacs playing their sick games. And further you go darker that hole gets... straight out of badly written scifi story.

You are the miracle, cheering me up every day. Then again if we lived in better world, there be so much fans of yours already you would never even noticed me. So... maybe even little spark can change world somehow in the end?
Thank you for your efforts.
I don't know how to react to all this, but thanks for your comments and for visiting my website. I hope it will continue to to cheer you up 😌
Did I mention that I'm in love with Yasha again? πŸ₯°πŸ˜Š Hehe, I'm very happy to know it 😊
πŸ’Œ What do you think?

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