🚀 Sky is Not the Limit

For Yasha it's deep space! XD

You asked me what is Yasha's limit and if he can bend beyond the Octafold, so I tried my best to find his hard limit, so to speak, and here are some results, I hope you enjoy them! ^^

Did you know there's an actual genuine contortionist scene in the movie Prometheus? If you want to check it out and not afraid of scary rubber masks, search "sean fifield mutation" on Youtube. What I didn't know is they also had an alternative version of that scene with a different mutant design, in fact a lot prettier and the contortion pose looks a whole lot more...sleek? It's either "Prometheus – Mutant Revenant (Alternate Version)" or "Fifield Xenomorph Mutation (Deleted Scene)". I'm not putting direct links here because I know some people will click them without reading and then get scarred for life by the mutant bendies ^^;

What do you think? 😄
Can he not wear a space suit? It would be better if he didn't wear it Read more
Maybe I should make a version without a suit Read more
Merece un video de como puede ser esta supercontorsion
It deserves a video of how this supercontortion can be Read more
Oh sí, será genial hacerlo en el futuro...
Oh yeah, it will be great to do it in the future... Read more
My god that's a TRIPLEFOLD ON TOP OF A TRIPLEFOLD! Read more
Mwahah, I'm so glad it can still be seen, I was worried it would look like a regular triplefold with a really clunky outfit :P Read more
This crazy bend without suit (but in helm cus' he's in space!) will be OUTSTANDING! Wow! Amazing!! Read more
Will have to think about it! Thanks :D Read more
Huh after seeing thumbnail I immediately thought about that scene which was by the way kinda 70s in bad way (that other guy going toward him after he performed this stance). I mean nobody else in movie seemed to be that bendy, but who knows maybe he was thinking, "wow aliens must have turned the guy into passionate contortionist not killing zombie!" Would be like movie breaker if first was actually a thing and he would continue to show those moves during it, instant classic :-D

In a past I was often thinking a lot about different kind of advanced suits as those people in extreme conditions seems using today are so bulky and super primitive as they restrict already limited range of motion of average human.

One interesting seemed Crysis game Nano suit. But One which captivated my mind since kid when I first saw it was concept (not actual look) of alien bio suit from Independence day 1. The fact, that it is biological and enhances your body without turning you into clunky hard semi robot (just like second thicker layer of skin), but also offers strong protection. Kind of a super advanced neoprene suit through which you can feel and sense better than with your own yet sharpest rocks can't make a dent.

I also liked body language of last engineer when he started fighting that big tentacled thing. He seemed so skilled just from way he was moving as if he could turn it arround.

grrr anyway instead of marveling about your design Iam babling about everything else, sory!
Yasha looks great even like this, but Noah and Namah design seemed more "advanced". But hey Yasha is just warming up!
Shifty Read more
Well that wouldn't be the prettiest contortionist but can always make a parody where the aliens create the human species for entertainment and not slavery, that's why they make us so soft and sexy :D Such mutations then are used to make the bones even more elastic!

In the movie as it is, that pose was completely off because as you said it wasn't used for anything good. He's just cheststanding and then he's already standing. It would be better if they at least showed how he gets up, it would be weird and bet would make that scene more popular with youtubers recording their reactions to it :P

As for space suits and the like, I probably mentioned already but I like this video, it's not a bulky suit though but well it looks futuristic anyway

As a side note what I not quite like about Prometheus is that all the aliens have the same face, for instance in Mass Effect 1,2,3 characters of the same race never look the same, but in Prometheus it's impossible to tell the very first alien at the beginning from the last one, unless I'm lame and it's supposed to be the same person :D

Anyways, no problem if Noah/Namah looked better, this pic was done just for fun as a test if these textures could be used for something like that, I don't know why I even uploaded this pic but it seems fun :P Read more
Agree 100% about everything you said about movie including all looking same. There was many unexplained missing parts of story, too much.
Ah reaction vids, used to watch them for a while but spending time here is much better.

She is flying almost like an angel! Very nice!

I like the image(s)! And we talked about a movie thanks to its existence. I would bet a lot that if you would do more "suit" pictures they be even better. But that doesn't mean i dont like Yasha the space xplorer :-p
Shifty Read more
Yeah, I wanna try more space suits, but next time actually texture them properly. I think space suits have a great potential for wasping, I remember even Mass Effect and Borderlands having some aliens or robots with hourglass waists, so that would be cool to make :D Read more
I have seen some ugly coments and then beautiful animations just wanished before my eyes! No, dont give in to ugly people! Sure your videos arent perfect since you just starting with them!!!, but they are unique and great all the same! I want to see them and most people here too. To see you grow and become even better while old ones have their own charm.

In fact today I wanted to comment on that latest "Faust" one... it felt very artistic.
People today are so mean and ugly, do not let them to infect you with their darknes. Iam very sad now :-(
Shifty Read more
The comments weren't ugly, they just sounded bored, it's just I made such a complex animation for the first time but people reacted as if I posted a picture of my breakfast :D

Well, I restored it as you know and thank you so much for your comment on it!! Shifty is the one who always make the day brighter on this site, or darker when commenting on Noah's Ark and clones XD But it's also good as keeps me thinking how to improve the clones or even doubting if they're necessary, maybe only for the space expeditions. Imagine if all the characters in Noah's Ark are boys, that means the System found a way to create a male-only world using clones. But now I'm probably making that story even worse and also going off top XDD Read more
Does Andrzej have a response? Read more
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