Silk Road 🎴

The Silk Road, the trade route that connects the East and the West, has been used by many famous merchants, but it's also famed for the most extraordinary entertainment the traders can discover on their long journeys.

One of them is the young Chinese performer Yan Feng Gu, the boy with the most flexible legs that ever walked this world. The legend has it that Gu is several centuries old but every 100 years he reverts from an old man back into a young boy to perform in his favorite circus once again, and it so happened that his most recent transformation occured less than a year ago.

Many merchants gathered to watch this boy that they heard about from their grandfathers. Gu enters the room like a beautiful sunshine in the early morning, the beauty of his limbs is almost blinding, his movements are so light that it feels as if his body weighs even less than his silky outfit.

He holds onto a ring that lifts him up to the ceiling, then hanging down on just one hand, he grabs his ankle with his other hand and pulls on it, stretching his body in some magical way. His limbs seem to be made of wax as he twists himself so easily that in one smooth movement his butt presses against the side of his body while his legs stretch far apart in a deep oversplit.

Gu is hanging twisted and stretched, looking as if it's the most comfortable position he could think of. Two assistants come simultaneously at his sides, holding two beautiful containers filled with stones. Even as they hold them, their significant weight is obvious, but after they attach the ornamented containers to the boy's legs, it's apparent how heavy they are!

Gu's legs are pulled all the way down, fully straightening and extending to a 360 degree oversplit, they almost elongate under such weight, but Gu's face expresses nothing but joyful curiosity and complete lack of hurry as he slowly turns on his ring to demonstrate his stretched body from every angle.

And truly, it's one of the wonders of the Silk Road.

Confucius says, "A good life is full of twists" XD But even Confucius would get confused by this XD
Is this the legend of the ten rings? Oh! Didn't know about this movie but looks good...
I was thinking of this character just the other day; it's really cool that you have returned to him. This is another work of brilliance. I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the specific act of contortion; it is a very effective cognitive aide.
I also love the way in which those dainty weighted containers hang from his ankles. His figure is so soothingly delicate, such a smooth, appropriately silken image.
Thanks for your hard work.
Very glad that you remembered him, guess we both agree he's a nice character who needs more pictures. I'm very happy that you enjoyed the description! ^^
Incredible!!! Glad you liked!! 😊
Sweetly Sexy 💕 Thank you! 🥰
simply amazing, so much to dream about I'm so very glad you enjoyed it! ^^
Wow, what a pose! It's amazing how soft and light you made him look. Thank you so much, I'm very glad you enjoyed! ^_^
amazing Thank you so much! ^^
Con que facilidad y gracias se retuerce en esta postura.... magnifica ilustracion y muy bonitos colores....
With what ease and thanks he squirms in this position.... magnificent illustration and very beautiful colors....
Muchas gracias, estoy muy contenta de que lo hayas disfrutado! ^^
Thank you so much, I'm very glad you enjoyed it!
Life is full of twists I guess XD And bends you over in the end XD
Wow, very Chinese style
Thank you so much!
Every time when you think that you've seen everything, you come up with something absolutely mindblowing and new! I fell instantly in love! Thank you so very much!!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it so much! ^^
Beautiful work! Please continue to create more!
非常感谢! 积极的评论让我很高兴能创造更多的艺术!
Thank you so much! Positive comments make me happy to create more art!
your artwork is my favorite online content
Silk Road to Glory.
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