Show Off

Now how many times can you bounce the ball on your own belly XD This guy's personal record is 17. But he's from a circus family anyway, trained by his dad who is an aerial gymnast but also does lotsa football/soccer ^_^

So yeah. Also bending is fun ^-^ Socks and gloves are kinda weird but they're not profesh players after all, just having fun so the clothes are basically freeform ^-^

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What do you think? 😄
OOOO I love this! It reminds me of a friend of mine who is such a show off when he has a football! Instant fave!

I adore the colour of his skin! You made it look so smooth! and the look on his face is just brilliant!
I love it !!! :D :D :D Read more
Oh ya, I've seen this kind of person when I lived elsewhere :D

Some football players could really show it off at the circus arena, and they actually do stretch a lot to prevent injuries, just forward, not backwards XD They're supposed to be able to touch their knees with their forehead and also do something close to the splits more or less good ~ or so I've heard :3

Thank you so much sweetie, your comment means a lot to me :hug: Skin is a wonderful thing to work with, it looks simple but it has so many variations and all the classical paintings, you know, just can't stop to amaze and inspire ~ there are examples of such beautiful and varied skintones, just AWWWww... :D Read more
I've always had a special spot in my heart for this one. I love it! I think it's the smoothness of your coloring of his skin.

And the fact that he can bend in that way! XD Read more
The bending is merely just a random show-off, it's like heyyy I can hold the soccerball on my belly, now who in the world could repeat it :D His skin is indeed rather smooth for someone used to running across the field for the whole day XD I'm so happy to know you liked this piccy ~ it means so much to me :3 Read more
I was wondering, if a soccer player would held the ball betbeen his neck and a knot, while walking on hands, who could stop him? Read more
A bunch of crazy players doing tumbling passes non-stop in front of their goal :D Read more
This one stands out to me because I love his expression. It really does read me as having fun and showing off. Your coloring is ALWAYS gorgeous and so soft and warm, so commenting on that seems almost too obvious xD I <3 your coloring.

I mean, even the SOCCER ball is perfectly drawn. It's a beautiful, cute picture and I want to fav it :3 Read more
Thank you so much!! :D I'm very happy to know that you love it, it means so much to me <3 Read more
can i swap bodies with him ^^; plz? Read more
No problem if you know how to do it ^^; Read more
im in love with this i think it is so inspirational and makes me wanna draw something like it Read more
I'm very happy to know that it inspires you X3 Read more did a beautiful job here! I love the expression in his face. I can't almost hear him saying, "Oh this? It's no big deal" ^_O Read more
At least not a big deal for someone from a circus family XD Thank you so much, I'm glad to know you liked it ^-^ Read more
No, no! Wait! Wait! I saw this on my favorites and had a thought-
He's Bendin it like Beckam!! *Badoosh!!* 8D!
Oh~ I should be shot. Read more
XD If happened in reallife that sure would go in the newspaper :D Read more
I really love this one...haha he looks like he's havin' some fun. ^^ Read more
I'm very happy you liked it :D Read more
hehe, I can almost see him bouce that ball. I just love this face, so happy and shiney! and I like the background too, it works really nice for this pic, with the blur and such ^^ Read more
Thank you so much!! :D I'm so happy you liked this picture :3

And I've actually added the blur to the background myself XD Read more
He look like he's having a blast, great job on the fun pose; it looks very natural and he looks like he's having a blast! Read more
I'm so glad you liked the pic :3 Read more
Oh my gosh.... how did you do that? I just love it! His skin tones are so amazing. I love the muscles... the ribcage is just smashing! you can see the bones, yet they're so natural... lol I don't know, I'm still in a bit of awe.

His face is so cute, it just cracked me up in giggles. I like the little bandage, it adds to his personality very much. Little boys are so awesome, their vitality and playfulness :D I like the way his hair sweeps, it's a good style he has. I can't stop giggling, there is something wrong with me D: The cuteness of this picture is taking hold of my senses.

And the gloves are great ^^ I like his arms and legs I think the most, especially the little knees. They are just so realistic it boggles me. The back of the knee especially, because it is just so perfect. I could go on and on.. but.. wow! You totally nailed this picture, kudos kudos, I love your gallery, and I will be coming back. Read more
How did I do that, I had like 5+ years of practice, if you looked at my first drawings I bet you wouldn't sound that impressed at all :D

I love his face too, it turned out better than I wanted XD Which is rare with me. What I like about kids is that they can fool around without actually looking like fools, adults would look like idiots doing things they do. Even this very move, I can't even imagine it performed by a grown up person, the entire atmosphere would be broken *faint* So I usually try drawing younger characters, they're simply ideal for the mood of the pictures I want to create ^_^

Unluckily the gloves turned out kinda weird, but for some reason I didn't feel like fixing them even though I could, when you look at the picture, somehow they feel just right? I dunno... But you seem to like them, so ^^

Thank you so much for the kind comment, I was very happy to know you enjoyed my works *hug* Read more
I love that you make this stuff look so believable. XD The expression is just perfect! Read more
this is so beautiful!! *hug* Read more
looks great! I also like how the body looks...very natural. And dont worry about the gloves/socks...they seem to fit fine ^^, as does the bg. Read more
Crap, when I first opened this page, I thought it was a real photograph. O_O

Wow! Read more
aww, so cute! ^^
i like the description. heh.
it just somehow makes the picture feel warm! ^^;
haha, or maybe i'm just crazy. Read more
Woooh i could never bend that way! Read more
You are such an unusual artist, and I know I have said this before, but I felt compelled to say it again. Gah. For some reason, I really like your personality *faint smile*, and your humor really tickles me. Also, you have an unmatched comprehension of both the male and female anatomical structure. This picture looks great, and I apologize for my tardiness in commenting on it.

I find you so very intriguing, stranger...
*Fades back into the shadows*

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WOw. That is like... so beautifully rendered, I thought it was a photo at first XDD You have such a way with the tones that really bring out every subtle nuance of the body. It looks so real and yet carries your style so well Read more
Hahahaha very fun and very awesome ;) I really do love the blur on the background, makes it look so realistic! Read more
Fantastic work! Read more
Hee, that's so cute. XD His pose is wicked neat, especially with the soccer ball. His expression is adorable, too. ^^ It's like, "Hey! Look what I can do!" XD Read more
Lol, I liked this one the first time I saw it! His expression is so funny! Very cheeky. Like "Well they SAID I couldn't use hands in soccer, but did they say anything about BELLIES? Can you do THIS? Hyah!!" Beautiful work as always! Read more
His expression is so CHEEKY!! How can all your boys be this delicious? Read more
I adooore what youd did with the background! The composition of this image is sooo cute an fun! Read more
i love him.
and for a second...when i looked at the thumb.....i thought it was real.

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Man, you know, everytime you post something, I say it's your best piece so far! I guess that just means your work improves with every picture. XD I truly love this one though. The photo background is a great touch in my opinion. ^^ Read more
Well, I know that they say to bend it like Beckhem, but this is ridiculous! Read more
P.S. I know a million people have said this, but I have to as well! I LOVE how you use such warm colors. It adds more to the nature and fun elements, while making it endearing and comfortable-looking! Read more
Ah I love his expression! Great composition too!
Contortion has a beautiful way of naturally framing the face ^^. Read more
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked *hug*
Contortion indeed has maaaany applications :D Read more
This soooo reminds me of my oldest son... this is great... amazing... Read more
Cute!!! He's so adorable and playful! I just want to go tousle his hair and hear him gripe at me for embarrassing him. ^_~ Pretty awesome! Read more
this pic is just awesome : given the pose it shouldn't look so realistic, but it is ! Colors are perfect... <3 Read more
The whole piece is excellent but I must say my favorite part is the ball lol. It looks realistic in an even more realistic way .. grins. Read more
Wow! That character design it actually pretty cool =) (I'm guessing it's yours, anyway) Well done! Read more
Amazing work. i get in love of your works is so aum,,, ver very very amazing!!!! Read more
Wow. Holy crap! I've never seen anyone make flexibility look so natural. Read more
Once again I'm drawn back to your work. Tis lovely and unique all at once. Read more
Thank you so much, you're too kind!! <3
I'm really happy you enjoy it~ Read more
you have probably heard this before but are your friends all contortionists? Or are you simply just a contortionist fanatic? What a cool thing to like!!!!! its an awesome thing to look at once they are in the pose but watching it scares me so much Read more
Haha cool! =D Read more
Awesome detail! Especially with the flexibility. O.o Read more
woah....just...woah D: Read more
I love your style and the way everything seems to flow, also the skin looks amazing!!!
the expression on his face is sooo cute :D

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Woah, very awesome. My cousin practices football, and she was also like 'woah!'.

I just adore your style, I like how it 'flows'. Very soft and smooth. Read more
Shirts and gym shorts are obsolete, restrictive and unneccessary unifom for footballers. A shirt and pants hurts the player's performance because it keeps them from doing the stretches, twists, tumbles, and bendy moves that make the sport fun to watch. They should be taken out and replaced with a new unisex uniform, booty shorts and a brief leotard instead :D Read more
Playing football in booty shorts and leotards? I'm finally going to be a football fan! *_* Read more
jesus, your like, my inspiration. Read more
The colouring is just outstanding! Read more
Very cute. Thanks for sharing. Read more
Glad you liked! :) Read more
One of my favorite earlier works of yours! Read more
Thanks! This one indeed survived so well over the years 😄 Read more
Football made me gay! Read more
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I've always adored this pic. He has such a sweet face too. Read more
Aww, thank you so much! It makes me happy that the old art is not forgotten 😊 Read more
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