Shokuji for IchiNOGO

I've found this cute piccy [1] of Shokuji and Bridgette and I loved it so much that I started scribbling the little bendy elf and then I could never stop and so Shokuji was so generous to do not one but several bendy things for me ^^ yooho!

Usually other people's characters can't be muses but he was my little muse for the whole last week :3

This is a gift for Shokuji and his creator, IchiNOGO <3

To be certain I got to know later that his design is a little different, the little chains are in both ears, and the thingies at the end of them are diceys and also sometime ago the ends of his hair were black, but I think it's all easily changeable, overall it's still him ^-^

Shokuji belongs to IchiNOGO Much luff!! <3

[1] The linked picture © IchiNOGO. All rights reserved.

What do you think? 😄
Disney has "hidden Mickeys" and this might be the first "hidden Yuni snail" in the Shokuji title. Another one of these amazing guest OCs from long ago! He's sooo cute! Those body curves, skin-tone, even those pyjamas! Read more
Oh, looks like the first snail before I even started using snails :D

Yeah, people were way more friendly back in 2000s and early 2010s... Fun to interact with, many times commenting on someone's art resulted in many months, even years of exchanging comments and supporting each other...

Today, if I made a picture of anyone's OC, they'd be like "OMG a big artist like you made a picture of my OC!" and then they instantly forget that I exist. So it's like a complete waste of time to do anything for anyone...

I blame the rise of social networks, the way people learned to not give a duck about each other through the 2010s. That's why I left all social networks, they're full of artists who are full of themselves... Read more
Picking up on the above comment, I don't really understand what you mean... On one hand you say people would be delighted if you contacted them and greatly humbled if you drew fanart, and on the other hand you say people are full of themselves? How does that fit together..?
If I understand you correctly, you feel like you've gotten too "big" and too famous so that now everyone is intimidated by you. That's certainly true but surely it doesn't need to stay like that, it's something that can be changed. Everyone warms up to someone once they get to know them. Also, surely it's not true that people reply to you once and then instantly forget you, why would you get that idea? In my experience, when people get fanart of their characters or anything like that, they cherish it for years. My workspace walls are full of pictures I got from friends.
Idk to me it just sounds like you hate being sucessful..? To my ears that feels so counterintuitive.
On a side note, it's a complete coincidence since I commented here because of the above comment, but this picture has had a place in my heart for many years. It was one of my favorites when I was still a kid hahaha and has been ever since. I remember there was a second part to this series... Good times.
I'm worried I'll miss your reply to this comment since I don't get notified of it which would be a real shame. It's another one of those situations where I wish we had a more convenient way to communicate!
--Alldenspa Read more
I think it makes sense, because I said back in the late 2000s everything was a community, many artists knew each other and were friends, it was fun to talk and exchange art and we had tons of projects, often you'd meet someone and keep talking with them for months or years...

But starting from the early 2010s and on, many things changed, all those "facebooks" and their greedy, optimized mentality took over, eventually DA turned into one as well, now people don't move a finger if it doesn't increase their personal views, nothing else matters...

Sometimes I write a long comment on someone's art and the artist doesn't even reply or says some "Thank you" obviously not interested in any further communication. I also had many cases when I tried to make gifts/fanarts and they just say kk thanks and then forget all about it. Not that they're supposed to keep going about it for many days, but the way it feels still sucks compared to what it was before 2010s, how everyone was a big family and how literally any shown interest would spawn a long thread...

In the mid 2010s I was still able to share ideas and fun talks with others, but in the late 2010s I barely had anybody to talk with, the friendly atmosphere was completely gone, now everyone sounds "busy", it's all about posts, content, profiles... It's like people behind them are gone, no longer reachable.

I don't care about success or even being an artist, but it all started thanks to the internet in the early 2000s, seeing how people are posting their art and talking about it, it motivated me to learn drawing because it was a great way to find friends who also liked something I like e.g. sexy boys or contortion... It was like a village I guess where everybody says guten morgen to each other, but in the 2010s grew into a city where everyone is living in separate locked appartments and if you knock on the door they're only thinking how to get rid of you as quickly as possible... not of the fact that you may have cool stuff to talk about, projects to think about, common interests and things like that.

If you draw a picture for someone, you feel like a delivery boy who delivers a pizza and never gets a piece of it, just a shut door in the face. Not saying that delivery boys are supposed to get pizza, just that it feels similar when all those artists nowadays on DA just try to get rid of you as quickly as possible.

And if I'm so "successful", it's really strange that literally everyone is acting like I'm cancelled. I've never seen any posts saying that "Yuni must be cancelled", yet it's like everyone is acting like that. But then I find it's the same for everyone. Everyone just cancelled each other...

I'm not talking about you btw, you're actually ONE person on DA who reminds me of the way it was in the old days.

Oh, I didn't know the second part of this picture was offline, so I fixed it...

Don't worry, I'll send you a message on twitter so you can add me on discord and also let you know that I replied to this comment... Read more
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