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Ship Wreck

"Maybe I can use my belt... but then my pants will fall!"

Many thoughts filled Xegaki Gevanne's head after another shipwreck. Maybe next time he needs to hire a navigator. Becoming a pirate is supposed to be the step to an easy life, he thought... Nothing like that!

He hasn't worn a corset for 2 hours already because everything drowned, his precious waist was getting fatter and fatter every minute! Counting a few gold coins he saved, he suddenly heard steps. He looked from the rocks. A noble femboy came to walk by the sea, wearing a... corset!! Amazing luck, it can't be true!

"Your corset or your life!" The fearsome pirate Captain Xega jumped out of his hideout.

"What a cute shaggy beggar!" Xega heard in reply. "Would you want to come along for a bath and a breakfast?"

"Y- yes. But the corset first! And..." he gulped. "Only a light breakfast because I'm watching my shape!"

"Well, my name is Roselith Noviliard and I just happen to be a model for a corsetiere, so don't worry, my dieting friend, the mistress will wrap you in the tightest corset you have ever seen, the first thing when she sees you! Gosh, maybe she will talk you to become our new model! Then I will see that beautiful hair all washed and combed!" The femboy almost jumped of excitement.

Amazing luck, thought Xega, I will get their smallest corset I can find, then raise some money, then steal something valuable, should be enough to buy a new ship! Maybe I will make some connections among these nobles to find someone smart to become a navigator!

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