Shiki (real name Noriko Monaka, 18 years old) is a personal guardian of miss Celia, a girl from a rich family who suffered numerous attempts of kidnapping. In the end Celia's parents went so overprotective with her that they'd barely let the girl go out at all, and her bodyguard Shiki became her only friend.

Shiki has been trained in the martial arts of ninjutsu since the time she learned to walk. At the age of two she was already kicking toys so hard that they kept flying across the room all day. First plushies, then plastic toys and when she started kicking furniture, everybody realized that her legs are her main and most dangerous weapon. Always on her and impossible to lose or forget at home (unlike nunchaku or katana).

Being Celia's best and only friend, Shiki promised to always protect her. However, the situation changed and Celia's family moved to the city of Andressa. Shiki faithfully followed her as she would never leave the side of her "Celia-sama". She idolized Celia as her goddess and even something more... As they grew up the girls experienced numerous embarassing situations as they kept realizing deeper and deeper their true feelings for each other...

Everything was fine until the day when Celia was kidnapped for real. Shiki just couldn't believe it and went to rescue her beloved goddess, promising to kill the bastards with her bare legs!

An insane amount of exercises made Shiki's legs incredibly strong and flexible. So powerful that there was nothing in the world she couldn't do with her legs and feet that were mere instruments to her will. She could even eat a whole bowl of rice holding chopsticks with her toes.

She never covered her legs with anything at all because the slightest covering might drop the effectiveness of her legs by several percents and she couldn't allow that! Even one percent was too much, so her fundoshi underwear was made of the softest possible material to prevent even minimal limitation of her movement range.

In this video game you play as Shiki on her long and difficult path to rescue Celia from the hands of evil and crush the said evil with your feet of justice! Run those mighty feet through the numerous stages and kick the asses of all the crazy bigots who will attempt to crush you with ban hammers and put nasty censor bars over the best parts of your wondrous movements! Find and destroy evil CensorChip and save the world from the greatest menace of the century!

SHIKI: The Way of the Rising Foot

Lead Character Designer
Reiji Sakamoto

Additional Fan Art
Yuni Muhamaru

Based on the Story by
Reiji Sakamoto

Original Concept Art
My Oc Shiki part 2

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