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Shani's Belting Class

As we know, Shani is a student in her demon college, which recently opened the Faculty of Tiny Waist and Belted Dancing, so she was one of the students invited to try the new classes free of charge. Shani isn't rich so can always use free lessons XD

Apparently it was the new popular form of dance that is simply a cross between bellydancing and waist-cinching, but the combination creates its own unique beauty.

The lessons for beginners consisted of simply sitting somewhere with a tight belt on your waist, getting used to it little by ittle while watching the advanced students practicing their dances in the middle of the classroom...

She couldn't wait to join them but the teacher kept saying her waist wasn't small enough yet... But a whole semester of dedication and Shani finally became that advanced student herself and started to learn moving her hips to the music with the tight belt on.

The pressure during the movement gave her such exciting sensations that she usually danced until she was completely exhausted. Sometimes she'd dance for twenty minutes straight if the musicians were good, then she'd take off the belt to give herself a break, have a drink, chat with friends or hide somewhere to get a quickie, you know, just the usual demon college things XD

When she's too tired to dance she'd just lay there and rest, watching the others, but not forgetting to tug her belt tighter as the next semester was promising to be more demanding!

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