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Sergio Unplugged

This is actually the first illustration I made of Sergio, before I even named him and wrote a story for him, so it was drawn before this one:

In Conspiracy

Sergio has always been very good with computers and ironically the many computer cords laying around became his very first instruments of pleasure.

He had never been an ordinary child. He was born in the family of a mafioso, his mother was murdered brutally by his own father, and the child grew up with a major depression which he was forbidden to express in any way. During his life nobody has ever punished him physically but the atmosphere in the mansion itself was horrible enough to make him suffer on a daily basis.

He'd often sit for a long time just pinching his skin really hard or hurting himself otherwise to make the physical pain carry the other pain away. He was once sitting, randomly trying to poke his thumb as hard as possible into his tummy while feeling incredibly pissed and trying to find whatever that hurts... When suddenly the sensation felt pleasant and suddenly the search for pain turned into a nice massage.

That completely surprised Sergio and soon led to all kinds of experiments, until the discovery of waist cinching literally put his world upside down, it was the very first thing he actually truly liked in life. It did feel uncomfortable enough to drive his mental pain away, but at the very same time it gave him a very strange and pleasant sensation, that soon he just couldn't imagine a day without waist cinching.

He never cared to measure his waist or anything like that, but even without the ruler it was obvious how much deeper the cord would bury into his waist after several weeks of everyday play. The experience was comforting and relaxing, he became a lot calmer than he was and often kept the cord around his waist for a whole day, hidden under a t-shirt.

Soon he found out that it doesn't only feel good but also makes a great sight in the mirror and since then his time needed to take a bath almost tripled. It was weird to see your own body sliced so unnaturally in two halves at the waist, but at the same time the sight was oddly attractive. Sergio even found himself wanting to move his hips and roll them slowly. It both felt and looked so good.

He would secretly try anything he could possibly find in the large mansion that might possibly be.used for cinching or playing with the belly. The large variety of sensations he was getting from his abdomen in return had opened a whole new world of pleasures to him but his most favorite still remained the computer cord... and Sergio always enjoyed the fact that his father couldn't stand Apple because their stuff always has so few cords and they're super thin and fragile, as opposed to the firm PC cords that felt just amazing.

Putting heavy weights upon his belly while laying on a bed also felt incredible. Another discovery was laying his belly upon something, while reading a book or working on the laptop he would lay belly down on the bed but first put some cup or a small bottle against the navel, then lay down trying to take it as deep as possible into the belly. At the moments like this Sergio so wish someone could sit or lay upon his back to help bury it as deep as it could possibly go, but for years and years it remained only a teen boy's fantasy...

By the time he was 18, Sergio had some of the most insane waist cinching skills. He could've probably won several golden medals already if there was a sport for that, but alas, absolutely nobody but him knew about his talent. Not a single friend, not parents, nobody. For Sergio it was an absolute secret. Until he met Tommy.

Sergio and Tommy fell in love at the first sight, and the second sight Sergio was already showing it all to Tommy. The cord was right in place at that moment. Nobody was around. Sergio simply lifted his t-shirt to show it to Tommy. He didn't know how that happened. Sergio's heart was jumping out of his chest, it was literally the question of life and death, standing there with his dearest and most secret secret completely exposed. It was the very first time he'd ever shown it to anyone at all in his life.

Tommy softly lay his young but so manly hands upon Sergio's rounded hips, and then felt the tightness of the cord with his fingers. The tips of his fingers proceeded to feel the tension of the ribcage right above the cord. It felt so good to be touched like that, with so much care and admiration, that Sergio couldn't help it anymore but cried of joy on Tommy's shoulder, and they stood there hugging for the longest time.

Then Tommy literally dragged Sergio into a nearby hotel and they had the wildest night imaginable against all possible couple-making rules such as "no sex on the first date". They were both guys and so both equally didn't care about this nonsense. Only on the next day Tommy properly invited his lover to a restaurant, but since Sergio ate so little, one glass of wine was just enough to make the following night twice as crazy as before, so much that for the first time in several years Sergio's waist even hurt in the morning and he couldn't even recall whatever he did with it last night.

Tommy remembered it perfectly but he wouldn't tell. Sergio insisted. Tommy agreed to show sometime after Sergio's waist felt better. Sergio said he's completely fine already and wants to know right away. Tommy kept teasing. Word after word, they turned each other on to the max right in the middle of the day.

For the first time Tommy got to enjoy the smooth naked body of his lover right in the bright light of the sun. In turn, Sergio had never felt as wasped as on that sunny day, and he couldn't stop admiring what Tommy was doing to him in the large mirror of the room.

Sergio might have been an expert at wast cinching but he had never thought of such an invention. Sergio gulped nervously when Tommy said he had seen it in a historical movie about medieval tortures, the cord would be passed around a victim's neck and then around a metallic rod, an executioner would then start turning the metallic rod to gradually squeeze the victim's neck to full suffocation and death.

As gruesome as it sounded, Sergio found it brilliant that Tommy thought of applying the same thing to the waist, turning the device of murder into an amazing training device that could apply 10 or 20 times more pressure to the waist, so that explained why even Sergio felt hurt afterwards.

On the second try they discovered many more benefits of this device because the metallic rod could be easily held between Sergio's buttocks after each half-turn. Sergio had to regret so many years when he tugged the cord so hard around his waist just with his hands and of course never being able to really squeeze it to the max. The cord would always loosen, so what Tommy had invented was amazing!

Suddenly Sergio hanged on Tommy's neck, whispering with the brightest shine in his eyes that he just figured out something even better! He then asked to release him for a while and went straight to the night table to pour some lube on his fingers, then smeared it around his narrow waist and went back to Tommy who already figured it out and was only smirking with anticipation...

Sergio hugged Tommy again and gave him the most sensual kiss his tongue was capable of. Everything that happened before that kiss somehow felt like a... beginning, childhood, introduction? The most amazing part of his life has only just begun. In just a few seconds he's gonna feel Something he's never felt before in his entire life.

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