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Selfie Olympics - Henri

Welcome to Selfie Olympics, the special section of the Daily-Bend magazine dedicated entirely to you, our awesome readers who send us their self-taken pictures showing amazing things that you can do!

Today we present Henri from France. Henri (pronounced ahn-REE) is 17 and he dreams of becoming a professional contortionist after finishing school. He has a polyamourous family, two moms and a dad. Both of his moms are very supportive of his hobby. He also has two brothers, but he's the only one in the family who decided he wanted to be a contortionist. He practices every chance he gets and believes that his current skill level is only a start.

Are you flexible too and willing to share your talent with thousands of Daily Bend subscribers? Just send us a selfie showing off your very best and win a nice contortion-related prize if your picture becomes one of the five pictures chosen by our editors every month!

Character and his story belong to Koike-sama and are used with permission <3

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